August 4, 2014

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Civil Disobedience – Block the Israeli Embassy
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Israel has killed over 1800 Palestinians, and there are no signs that this vicious murder campaign will end soon. There is a growing consensus that this carnage amounts to nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister of Foreign Affairs Timmermans, supported by the media, have justified Israel’s genocidal policy by reproducing Israeli government propaganda. This makes them complicit in the murder of every Palestinian man, woman and child. 

The invaluable demonstrations held in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Hague have seen an immense mobilization against the unconditional Dutch support for Israeli terrorism, and the protest is growing. However, it falls on the deaf ears of the country’s political leaders. Therefore, it is high time to escalate our strategy and start a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience. 

Institutions like the Israeli embassy play a fundamental role in facilitating the brutal occupation of Palestine. This embassy is around the corner, in the middle of the Hague. We will assemble at a location in its vicinity (to be announced) on Tuesday at 12:00 and block the entrance to the embassy of Israel.

Please note that by doing this we will be breaking the law. We will block the embassy’s entrance or a road leading to it, and we will not leave voluntarily until our demands are met. We will not resist the police, but will have ourselves intentionally arrested if we must.

1) Israel must immediately and unconditionally cease all hostilities in Gaza.

2) The Netherlands must condemn the Israeli violence in the strongest terms. In addition, the Netherlands must demand Israel puts an end to its military campaign and lifts the blockade of Gaza. 

3) The Dutch ambassador to Israel must be recalled, following the example of a number of Latin American countries. 

Meanwhile, the resistance in Gaza continues, and Palestinians pay the highest price. Israel is also killing peaceful protesters in the West Bank who have come out in solidarity with Gaza. We have no time to lose, and must step up our protest. Let us transform the rage and pain we all feel into constructive acts of resistance. Join the movement to end this genocide. 

Urgent request to all to spread this within your network. If you will not join the blockade, come and show support!