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August 13, 2006

In News

36 collective massacres occurred against the Lebanese civilians since
the onset of the Israeli assault (from July 12-August 11). Israel
violated all conventions related to the prohibition of collective
punishment whereas it perpetrated voluntarily crimes against civilians
and their properties, namely Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva
Convention prohibiting collective punishment and Article 48 forbidding
military actions against civilian populations and infrastructure.
These collective massacres are as follows:

13 July: Dweir massacre killed a family of 12 members,

15 July: Marwaheen (Israel asked the inhabitants of this village to
evacuate this village and while they were leaving the air strikes
killed 22 of them),

16 July: 5 massacres in Tyre (an air raid struck a building killing 12
and injuring 50), Borj Shamali (5 persons amongst them 2 babies),
Aytaroun (an air raid killed 11 persons, 10 of them are from the same
family possessing the Canadian nationality), Abba (10 were killed most
of them belong to the same family) and on the entrance of Abbassiyeh
(9 were killed under the rubble)

17 July: Rmayleh (Chemical bombs were thrown on displaced convoy
killing 12 and injuring many)

18 July: Aytaroun: an air strike hit a house where many were hiding
killing 13, 6 of them were babies

19 July: 4 collective massacres: Nabi Sheet in North of Bekaa (two
families of 8 members were killed under the rubble of a house),
Maaraboun (three pickup trucks with agricultural workers were hit by
an air strike killing 7), Tyre (air raids targeted residential areas
killing 20 at least), Srifa (air strikes targeted 10 houses killing 27
and wounding 30 others, the victims remained several dauys under the

25 July: higher Nabatiyeh (an air strike targeted a residential house
killing 7)

28 July: Haddatha (an air strike targeted a three-storey residential
building killing 6 from the same family)

29 July: 2 massacres in Noumayriyeh (an air strike killed a family of
7 and their neighbor under the rubble) an Ayn Arab (an air raid killed
6 civilians and injured 3, many of them remained under the rubble for
several days)

30 July: 2 massacres in Qana (an air strike targeted a three-storey
residential building where more than fifteen persons were hiding from
Hashem and Shalhoub families destroying it and killing them under the
rubble) and Yaroun (6 members of the same family were killed: 3 women
and 3 children from Khanafer family)

31 July: 3 massacres were revealed by the Israeli truce, in Hareess
(16 corpses of two families were under the rubble of two residential
houses), Halloussiyeh (more than 10 corpses for Mwanness family were
still under the rubble), 12 corpses were found on the roads and inside
vehicles between Qoleyleh and Al-Jebbeyn (one of them was a corpse of
an eight-year old child)

2 August: The commandos operation on a hospital in Baalbeck killed 13
civilians, including women, children and Syrian workers

4 August: One of the bloodiest day after Qana: 3 massacres in Qaa (28
Syrian agriculture workers were killed while they were packaging
peaches), Taybeh (a two-storey residential building was targeted by
Israeli air raid killing 7 who were elderly and unable to leave their
homes, Ayta Shaab (an air strike targeted a house making 10 victims)

6 August: 2 massacres in Ansar (an air strike targeted the house of
Ibrahim Assi killing him, his wife and their two daughters as well as
their neighbors, while the rescue workers were removing the corpses an
other air strike hit the house and the rubble), Al-Jubbeyn (this
village was heavily targeted by air strikes that killed Kassem Akeel,
his wife, his daughter and another victim)

7 August: BLACK MONDAY: Air strikes hit heavily many areas while the
Arab foreign ministers were holding their meeting: Houla (6 air
strikes targeted the Husseini club in the village where many people
from the village sought a safe haven after the destruction of their
houses. The premises was destroyed on them, 5 were killed while 60
were rescued safe miraculously), Ghassaniyeh in Zahrani area (an air
strike hit at dawn at Abdallah Khalil Tohmeh two-storey building
killing him, his wife and his two sons as two brothers and two others
making the death toll 8), Ghaziyeh (air strikes hit residential
neighborhoods killing 15), Shiyyah (an air strike hit a residential
building in the crowded Al-Hajjaj area killing 56, especially that
there were in the building displaced from Beer Al-Abed, Hayy Maawad
and Haret Hreyk), Breetal (air strikes targeted residential houses
killing 13)

8 August: Air strikes resumed on Ghaziyeh during funeral procession of
the previous day’s 15 victims killing 14 and injuring 24

9 August: Mashgharah (an air strike targeted a four-storey building
killing 8 persons from the same family

11 August: Akkar in North Lebanon (an air strike targeted at dawn
Al-Hayssa bridge killing 11 and injuring 15)”