Some Thoughts on Being Cancelled

October 13, 2021

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Cambridge University Palestine Society asked me to appear on a Gaza panel tomorrow with two young people from Gaza. I, of course, agreed.  But I just received a call from one of the organizers of the event.  He said that he had some bad news.  I assumed he was going to tell me that, because of pressure exerted by Jewish organizations on the Cambridge administration, I was cancelled.  Well, I was cancelled, but because of pressure exerted by BDS.  The two speakers from Gaza said that they wouldn’t appear on the same platform as me because of my opinions on BDS.  (Did the order to cancel me come from the BDS guru in Ramallah?)  The French have an expression: les extremes se touchent (the extremes meet).  It’s very hard nowadays to tell apart BDS lunatics from pro-Israel lunatics: they both inhabit a delusional universe.

“Woke” lunatics want to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle because they don’t like his jokes about the LGBTQXYZABC community.  A few years ago I told an utterly innocuous joke to one of Amy Goodman’s interns at Democracy Now that mentioned Michael Jackson.  A couple of days later the Goddess of Wokeness rang me up.  She said that everyone at the Sundance Film Festival was appalled by Michael Jackson after watching a documentary on his life.  (As it happens, I’m insufficiently woke to get invited to Sundance.)   The fact that I mentioned Jackson’s name in the joke breached the woke rules of etiquette.  “The days of white male privilege are over,” she kept intoning over the phone.  I was thereafter banned from the studio of Democracy Now!  If Goodman had been Mao’s wife during the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese would not now be challenging the U.S.’s global dominance, as half the population would have been killed off.

It appears that “cancel culture” is entering a terminal phase.  What’s most revealing about the notorious incident at Arizona State University, where two femxle studexts of cxlxr bullied a couple of “white cis-males,” is that every video posted on Youtube by African-Americans reacting to the incident has defended the “white cis-males”!

Abraham Lincoln reportedly observed, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”  It seems people are waking up. Good riddance to cancel culture rubbish!