Some Israelis are not willing to remain silent.

April 8, 2006

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By Asafa Peled – Yedioth Aharonot
Translation: Adam Keller

“The Separation Fence is closing in upon more and more Palestinian villages. Their inhabitants are cut off from sources of livelihood. Some Israelis are not willing to remain silent.

Matan Cohen lost an eye because of it. Shai Karmeli-Polak gave up for its sake a promising career. Leila Mosinzon is going to prison for its sake, next month. The Separation Fence has become their obsession. What is it about this wall, designed to separate Israelis from Palestinians, which is bringing young people to give up the well-fed bourgeois life and get tear gas blown in their face every Friday afternoon? The border inside.”
Their website has Haaretz & Jerusalem Post articles about them and this statement:

There are currently over 40 indictments and counting, a summery of a few of them can be found below, but all of them are of similar nature. There have also been hundreds of arrests that didn’t end as indictment but required a lawyer and legal aid. The costs of these legal battles are very high, and any donation to our legal fund will be highly appreciated.

1) 11 people are charged with rioting and illegal assembly. Some of them are also accused of assaulting a police officer and spray painting. They were arrested at a demonstration in which the road in front of the ministry of “defense” Tel Tviv was blocked, after the demonstrators were not let into the territories by the army.

2) Two people are accused of rioting after being arrested at a demonstration in the village of Budrus. The demonstration tried blocking the bulldozers from building the wall on the village’s land that day, and it ended with the army invading the village. The two were arrested inside the village.

3) A minor is accused of assaulting a police officer under severe circumstances, after taking part in a demonstration in the Hebron area. Israel was building a road to an illegal settlement through a Palestinian farm, and the demonstration attempted stopping the bulldozers from doing that. The indictment reveals that the assault under severe circumstances refers to the dearresting of a Palestinian.

4) Two people were charged with assaulting a police officer under severe circumstances and incitement to break the law. They were simply snatched from a vigil after supposedly calling on people to block the road. They were severely beaten up by the police. The woman’s hand was broken and the guy suffered fractured ribs. They were acquitted, but legal fees still need to be paid.

5) Three people are accused of blocking the road in Tel Aviv. The charges are for a demonstration that took place in Tel Aviv after Itay Levinsky, one of our comrades, was shot between the nose and the eye at a demonstration in the West Bank village of Kharbatha. Following this incident he lost some of his vision.

6) Six people are accused of obstructing a police officer and disobeying a legal order after barricading themselves on the roof of a house the army was trying to demolish in the village of Kharbatha. The house belonged to one of the main organizers against the
wall in the village and was demolished a few days after demonstrations in the village started.