“Smattering” of Nazis

January 9, 2023

In News Russia and Ukraine Russia-Ukraine War

The New York Times ran an article today on the many foreign volunteers fighting in the Ukrainian army.  It notices in passing that they include “a smattering of … neo-Nazis who are opposed to Mr. Putin.”  Hmm, is that like a vegan meal with a “smattering of pigs’ legs”? I wonder how Bernie Sanders–who has invoked the memory of his family’s extermination in Poland during the Nazi holocaust–feels about supplying this “smattering” of Nazis with cutting-edge high-tech precision weaponry?  Meanwhile, Tim Judah reports in the current issue of the New York Review of Books (“Ukraine’s Volunteers”) that the Russian invasion has given birth to a “self-reliant society that doesn’t need the state to tell us, to tell it, where to go and what to do” (quoting a Ukrainian political scientist).  Hmm, if a repressive State is unneeded and the people are “self-reliant” in this anarchist utopia, why has Zelensky banned political parties and suppressed worker rights?  Incidentally, “self-reliant” is a peculiar locution to describe the recipient of $100 billion in U.S. largesse, and that keeps demanding more.