Six Palestinian Youths Arrested – What We Can Do

March 8, 2012

In News

Dear Friends and Solidarity Activists,

We are calling on to you for help. In the past two days 6 boys were
arrested in night raids. Many of the families are poor and do not have
money to pay for the charges that the military court will charge them for

Early Wednesday morning, Zain Hisham Khaleel Abu Maria, 15 years old, Said
Imad Soleibi, 15 years old, and Sami Amer Abu Jouda, 16 years old were
arrested in a night raid. The night before in the early morning hours of
Tuesday, March 6th, soldiers also arrested Basel Abu Maria, 16 years old,
Moataz Khalid Awad, 18 years old and Aish Khalid Awad, 16 years old. None
of the six arrested youth have since been released. Here you can watch a
video of Zain being arrested by dozens of soldiers:

We do not want our boys to spend time in prison in these formative years of
their lives and miss school. We do not want the occupiers to win by making
the lives of our boys worse, and upsetting their families. Our goal is to
fight to release them.

Please help us

Thank you,