Russia, Iran, and Hamas

October 18, 2022

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Here are two headlines from today’s New York Times (17 October 2022):

Headline #1: Russia Blasts Ukraine Capital with Iranian Drones

Headline #2: Here’s What We Know about the Iranian-made Drones that Russia is Using


It reminds me of the Times headlines when it was desperately trying to derail Bernie Sanders:

Headline #1: Bernie Sanders Suffers Heart Attack

Headline #2: Here’s What We Know about Bernie Sanders’ Heart Attack


Of course, except for statements by U.S. officials (very trustworthy), there’s no evidence that the drones come from Iran.  Does Russia really depend on Iran’s arms industry?  Personally, I believe it’s just as plausible that those drones were manufactured in Gaza, alongside Hamas’ lethal “missiles.”  Which also causes one to wonder, why are all the NATO powers fast-tracking air-defense batteries to Ukraine while the miracle of Israel’s “Iron Dome” (which was partially funded by the U.S.) hasn’t been dispatched to Ukraine?  Finally, the Times reports per these drone attacks,

It appeared to be what Ukrainians call a “double-tap attack,” a tactic that aims to kill emergency workers or firefighters responding to an initial strike.

It happens that Israel perfected this tactic in Gaza.  It would target civilian apartment buildings.  When the ambulances arrived on the scene, Israel targeted the ambulances and medical personnel.