Revolutionaries Tweet While Cairo Burns

August 16, 2013

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Revolutionaries Tweet While Cairo Burns


Finkelstein comments:  For the past several weeks, a correspondent has been preaching the virtues of Egypt’s “revolutionary” “socialists.”  Here’s my response, quoting their Tweets:


It seems your “revolutionary” “socialists” discovered today that Tamaroud are fascists:

Tamroud, the young face of fascism
(Strange, sitting in Brooklyn, NY, I figured that out about a month ago:
These Tweeting revolutionaries also no longer seem so cool on the military coup.  But, lest we forget, here’s what your “comrades” had to say right after the coup: 

You’ll perhaps excuse me if I trust my own judgment to that of your Egyptian “comrades.”
Here’s some more expert analyses from your “comrades” today:
Oh god now MB call for “a week of nationwide marches”..a week of rage = a week of blood = a week of failure ..i am so tired of this 
(One thousand protesters dead, thousands wounded, and she’s “so tired of this”.)
Egyptian TV will bring me a heart attack!
(Poor, suffering revolutionary socialists! In case she didn’t notice,1,000 Egyptians are well past a heart attack, as they yet continue to brave the Army’s bullets and court certain death, while she tweets away)
After German Social-Democracy betrayed its basic principles by voting for war credits at the start of World War I, Rosa Luxemburg memorably said:
“Since August 4, 1914, German Social-Democracy has been a stinking corpse”
To which it might now be added, 
“Since July 2, 2013, secular radicalism has been a stinking corpse.”