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June 8, 2010

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Hi Norman,
I want to say that I feel a great sense of appreciation to write you an email. I feel for your plight as to what happened to you in Chicago.
I lived in Chicago a few years and I know how the Midwest-Chicagoans can be. I have been watching videos on youtube and have been studying your interviews and responses. It is overly apparent your answers are with merit and based in reality.

I believe like you Israel is being taken down a road of destruction by a group of evil men. With the last days events pertaining to the floatilla
more people are beginning to ask questions in America.

I consider myself part of a community called Truthers. We know about the global elite, Bilderberg meetings
for world government. They call themselves the New World Order. I have a German girlfriend and when I was just learning about
the NWO I asked her, “Have you ever heard about this?” Her reply,”Of course I’m German, Hitler talked about it all the time.”

Currently the Bilderberg/ NWOs boat is sinking and they are extremely frustrated by our work! But I must say I could not be as effective
if they weren’t such incompetent scoundrels(Isaiah), evil in their deeds, but fools.

Many of us are trying to wake as many people up as possible, and some are Jewish. Jewish and they see the Zionist game being played
just as you are pointing out. We use the tech grid to wake people up. We create internet radio stations, we make movies, write blogs, We post on Facebook everywhere we can. Video of your interviews are becoming part also. We will not be silent.

The hardest people to wake up are the self-proclaimed Christians. I am one, and I am embarrassed by their response to Flotilla. With all this
said, Norman, I have learned much from you. You inspire me. I hope I can give back to you. keep up your work! We will keep up ours.

God bless you Norman, you are a man of character, honor, and integrity!