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June 9, 2016

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​[A childhood friend of mine now living in Israel wrote me this morning: “Norman now that Hillary has won California don’t you think it’s time for Bernie to get behind her to defeat the orangutan?”  Here’s my reply:]

Bernie’s campaign has been two things in one: a presidential primary and a protest movement.  We lost the primary but the protest movement continues.  An entire generation is facing not a bleak but a blank future.  As of now, Hillary offers them zero.  If she budges, they might support her; if not, the ​fight goes on.  I will be outside the convention​ in July​, probably with a million others. Like your beloved Israel, our country is on an insane path, where one tenth of one percent own more than 90 percent.  It can’t go on like this​;​ and it won’t.  It seems some people have still to learn how to share.  The most beautiful words I heard in a long time were, yesterday, when I felt so despondent, despairing, hopeless​ after the California primary​, and then Bernie–with a tenacity that never ceases to amaze me–said, “I am taking this fight all the way to the convention.”  Yes!  That’s what you call a mensch (I prefer Yiddish to Hebrew).  Do you know the last scene in​Chaplin’s ​Modern Times: Chin up! Never say die! That’s Bernie, that’s our movement!