"Our fate will be determined by the external pressure applied by the world"

March 27, 2015

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Bravo, Bibi, bravo – for turning the world against Israel

Our fate will be determined by the external pressure applied by the world. Under pressure, Bibi will fold.

By Yoel Marcus | Mar. 26, 2015 | 5:58 PM |  2
Obama and Netanyahu

The fight between the Bibi government and the Obama administration could break out and spread like a Tsunami throughout the world.

Our nation apparently lives in a magical world, in which there’s a kingdom reigned by a queen who drinks, according to a worker from the prime minister’s residence, three bottles of champagne a day. There’s also a leader with a potbelly and a blue tie (like Obama’s), whom God chose for the throne a third, fourth and maybe fifth time, before he reaches the presidency. Because in these elections Bibi implemented the slogan Menachem Begin used, “God chose us to rule” – if what he’s been doing for the last three terms can be called ruling.

The remarkable thing Israelis displayed in the elections is the ability or gift to lie shamelessly in the polls. Mapai’s legendary functionary, Shraga Netzer, used to say the ballot boxes must be kept after each election at least one night in basements. Why? “Because a ballot box sleeps, thinks.”

The people of Israel learned to lie even to the pollsters, almost openly. They gave false answers and caused a polling disaster – as if we need more natural crooks and fraudsters. Those who promise peace, housing, getting rich quickly – are also all liars.

In any case, the election result will cause substantial damage to United States-Israeli relations. The deterioration in the relations is tantamount to playing with fire as far as Israel’s deterrence is concerned. Bibi must be very careful with his words in dealing with this administration and the one after it (he will be prime minister then, too, perhaps even after the president who comes after Obama). He must appoint a normal, balanced foreign minister (if possible) and a moderate ambassador who has access to the White House. What’s more important – he must see to it that the prime minister isn’t a liar. He must not lie, especially to the American president, who presents the real, big picture regarding the peace with the Palestinians.

Our fate will be determined by the external pressure applied by the world. Under pressure, Bibi will fold. When he folds, Naftali Bennett and the extremists in the government will resign. And then Bibi will find that with 59 MKs he cannot continue being the king of Israel. In any case, in 2017 the security assistance agreement between the U.S. and Israel expires. Obama will no longer be president by then, but the security agreement will be on the table. It won’t bind the next president.

The Bibi we know, a noted hero-coward, will not suspend construction in the territories for fear of Bennett, Lieberman, Danon and the rest of the Hotovelis. He will try to lie again, but this time he won’t have a chance to make a pompous speech in Congress. America will not allow such clown acts in the future.

Bibi read the map correctly. This nation is rightist. It doesn’t like Arabs. This is not new or recent. Those who call themselves the Zionist Union, i.e. the former Mapai, invented the settlement insanity, after all. That means we’re on the way to a bad place.

We must prepare for the expansion of hostility and anti-Semitism in the world. Yes, in the U.S., too. Not many remember that before the Holocaust anti-Semitism was prevalent in America. Jews were not appointed presidents of banks and oil companies. After World War II, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, both Jews, husband and wife, were executed for espionage for the Soviet Union.

The ongoing unjust treatment of the Palestinians could raise again that old anti-Semitism of yore. The traditional chemistry with the U.S. still works, but the White House chief of staff’s words, “Israel cannot rule over another nation forever,” cannot be ignored forever. This statement, which stems from the fight between the Bibi government and the Obama administration, will break out and spread like a Tsunami throughout the world. There will come a day when an angry world headed by Obama will leave Iran alone and pick, of all things, on the nuclear weapons that, according to foreign reports, Israel has.

Bravo Bibi, bravo. You’re turning us into a doormat.