February 4, 2023

In Diary Norman Finkelstein

Kinetics (February 3, 2023)



I watched a CNN interview with a South Dakota congressman yesterday.  He was asked to comment on a statement by a four-star US Air Force general that war with China was probable in two years’ time.  The congressman doubted the likelihood in the near future of a “kinetic engagement” with China.  Was he confusing a nuclear conflagration with a magic trick?


I went to the hospital today.  The doctor had to perform a rectal examination.  She invited a second female physician into the cubicle and introduced her as the “chaperone.”  Were we on a date?  I suppose that this person was standing witness in the event of a future lawsuit that nothing salacious had occurred.  But in my day growing up, a chaperone would’ve recoiled in utter horror at anal transactions.  Personally, I should think she should have been designated a WOKE (witness of kinetic engagement).