Norman Finkelstein: I still say, no invasion.

November 19, 2012

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November 18 2012

There are many reasons Israel can’t invade.   The most obvious is, this time there are lots of foreign journalists in Gaza.  The IDF is the most cowardly army on earth.  They don’t attack without first destroying everything in front and to the sides of them, which of course means massive civilian casualties.  This time they can’t do this because the operation was largely spontaneous, unlike OCL, so they weren’t able to seal the borders.   There’s even a NY Times reporter in Gaza, and she’s plainly not happy with what she’s seeing.  The Times even made an error yesterday and referred in the headline to the Israeli attack on “civilian buildings.”  A few hours later they referred to “government buildings.”  But today the led with the deaths of 11 people, five women, four children.  Of course, Israel can’t be thrilled with this, and they know that in the event of a ground invasion, it’ll be scores of civilians killed, not just because they like to kill civilians (which they do) but also because that’s the only way the know to fight: destroy everything in your path for miles around.  They can’t do that now, but also Netanyahu can’t risk significant IDF casualties.  Disaster with an election looming.  So, I still say, no invasion.