Nice neighbors

August 24, 2006

In News

As you might know, the Israeli Occupation Forces started to telephone some householders informing them to evacuate there houses to be destroyed later. Two days ago somebody received a phone call from unknown number informing him that the speaker is an officer from the Israeli Intelligence service, and you have 24 hours to evict your house and you have to inform( x) and Raeed also has to do the same. End of conversation.

The last mentioned is living in front of my house, as soon he received the news he informed me. What to do? It’s a real call or somebody is bluffing? What is more important wealth or health? What I can evacuate flesh or furniture? Is their any way or mean to make sure that the phone call is real one? All human rights organizations told me no way!!! And they were full of sympathy hoping its not real one, especially they know me in person and they know haw much I invested in the house. All the above questions where shelling my head. Spontaneously as all refugees I have decided that health is important more than wealth, all the human flesh should move out of the house and take some clothes and some personal documents with them.

In less than 30 minutes the five families left the house along with the whole neighborhood (11 houses). We left the concrete cement, the furniture and other house electricity equipments which turned to be useless since last June 25 after bombing the electricity power station in Gaza to face their destiny.

We kept over the mobile phones the first night praying that nothing will happen.

With the sun rise we limped back to check if the houses are still in their places or?

Nothing happen, the IOF are not in a hurry they have a long list of houses. Are they queuing them? If yes, according to which criteria? Is it alphabetically listed or? Again million of questions are moving inside my little brain with no answers. With the dusk we took more clothes for the next day and moved away leaving all our belonging to the divine hand intervention and keeping open eyes to our watches counting seconds and minutes since the ultimatum is 10pm. Again we kept over the mobiles telling each others no news is a good news trying to convince our self’s its not true and somebody is making fun of us!!!. The second day and night passed so heavy, but no news. Again million of questions jumped to my painful brain, shall we adjust our live system to coup with the new system in offices during the day and refugees or some time homeless during the night? Shall we? Shall we? Infinitive questions with no answers since I am an object not actor any more.

The ultimatum has passed us and no bomb, during the previous Intifadah the Palestinians created too many ways and games to kill the time, but during the current one I am still seeking ways and means to create a way to kill the bomb or may be the missiles. The level of damages depends on the type of the air fighter they are going to use. If it’s going to be F16 jet fighters so the result will be shaving the entire neighborhood. We are praying and begging the divine will that they will use the helicopters so the result will depend on haw much the Israeli cement we purchased not so long time ago is good!!!

It’s very strange that no one among us dreamed of no bomb, oh gush to that extends we believes that they are a real terminators?

Dear friends a lot of funny details can be told that are happened in the wrinkles of every night is passing with no bomb, believe me when the bomb arrives is much better than the time before its arrival.

I am sorry to write so long with no intention to write