December 3, 2010

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  In His Name

                                                       28 – 11 – 2010


The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the 22nd University Graduation ceremony at Sayyed Ashuhada (pbuh) Compound in Beirut Southern Suburb.  

I Take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the World. Peace be on our Master and Prophet – The Seal of Prophets – Mohammad and on his Chaste Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers.

Brothers and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessing.

First, I would like to welcome you. I ask Allah Al Mighty to make our ceremony among the titles of jihadi, serious and industrious work to achieve lofty and honorable targets which were shouldered by man since his first creation and carry on with us and with the generations to come.

Also first, I would like to give my thanks, regards and esteem to the brothers and sisters in the Educational Mobilization in Hezbollah after all these long years following the establishment of this serious and blessed mobilization branch. The Educational Mobilization official has thankfully presented prior to my speech some of the achievements of these brothers and sisters. I also congratulate them on all these achievements and sacrifices. I press on their hands and call on them to carry on working in this blessed, jihadi, faithful and truthful educational framework Inshallah which was in fact all through the past years and during all stages and in face of all difficulties, forcefully present in all educational, students, syndicate, political and jihadi squares alongside the Resistance. I ask Allah Al Mighty to accept from them all of these sacrifices and offerings.

Also in this annual ceremony which we mark, we meet with thousands of graduate brothers and sisters and with their dear parents. We are proud of this scene which we consider as one of the scenes of the blessed jihadi and faithful procession and one of its prominent and important landmarks.

In this occasion, as is the case at the beginning of every ceremony of this kind, I see that it is my obligation first to address our dear parents – the fathers and mothers – whom we know their difficult circumstances as is the case with the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese people. In the past times, there used to be a rich class, a middle class, a luxurious class, a poor class and even a class under the poverty line. With time, the middle class vanished and the overwhelming majority has become the poor class or the class which is under the poverty line. Despite this fact (we belong to this class – the poor, deprived, deemed-weak groups on the financial and economic levels though they are not deemed weak anymore from other perspectives) we have stepped out of this weakness. We discovered some of our elements of strength and ushered into the field of force. We are accused that we have overpower, and they are perplexed what to do with this overpower. However unfortunately, on the social, living, economic and financial levels, these things are primarily linked with the policies of the state, the authority and successive governments. Our fathers and mothers belong to this class. Still we see that our fathers and mothers insist on shouldering all of these difficulties so that their sons and daughters achieve an advanced educational status. This point is always worthy of estimation and gratitude. I always address every father and mother and supporter with many thanks for their faith, determination and action. I likewise like to express my gratitude to the universities and institutions which embraced these brothers and sisters. I also like to show my appreciation to the heads, administrations and professors in these universities who enabled, helped and partook in making this educational, civilized and human achievement.

I thank the brothers and sisters themselves as well because they were determined to carry on their studies and to stay on the education seats despite all the difficult situations which surround them and their families and parents. We know that some brothers and sisters work industriously besides their education. This is highly important. We stress this point: All our young men and women and brothers and sisters must not leave the education seats no matter what the political, economic, security, economic and living conditions are. Even the brethrens who offered all their time to the resistance know that there are special programs and incessant encouragement. This was given special attention by martyr leader Hajj Imad Moghniyeh (May Allah’s mercy be on him) especially the brethrens who gave their youth and lives to the resistance regarding the means to harmonize between their continuous presence in the resistance field and their attendance at universities and carrying on their education. I thank all the graduate brothers and sisters. I thank their industrious serious efforts. I felicitate them on their triumph and success which is crowned with this blessed attendance and all these kind and bright faces and the presence of the dear parents.

As is the case always, I have an index for what I would like to tackle in my speech. I have a word on the occasion. I will handle the telecommunications file. Third there are the developments of the STL as this issue is occupying the country and the region. Fourth, I will talk about the attempts to address this issue and the available open horizons. Fifth, I have a word on Al Ghajar before I wrap up my word.          

For us, first I would like to assert that any movement that claims to be a movement of faith should be a movement of education and knowledge. We can’t separate between faith on one hand and knowledge and education on the other. Imam Ali peace be upon him says in one of his speeches in Nahj Al Balagheh that to begin with religion is to know it. One of the pillars of faith is education and knowledge – to know what man must believe in so as to believe in it. I do not believe that all through history, civilizations, ideologies, calls, reformists and philosophers we witnessed there was a call for education, learning and knowledge with the level of the call made by the good men sent by Allah and the messengers of Heaven since Adam (pbuh) and the commence of creation until ending with the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad (pbuh). And the eternal outspoken Holy Qoran bears witness on that until Doom’s Day, and this is normal.

Allah Al Mighty has called on man since his creation to seek knowledge and learn. He furnished man with knowledge and with the capabilities of knowledge. After Allah created Adam and let the angels prostrate for him, Allah Al Mighty says: {And (Allah) taught Adam all the names}.

So the story started here- with knowledge. {The Most Merciful has created man and taught him eloquence}. So as the creation of man is one of the requisites of mercy, teaching man eloquence is one of the requisites of this mercy as well. With His capability Allah enabled man to learn and enabled man to express, illustrate and demonstrate this knowledge and transfer it to others. The Islamic Message says that education is an obligation on every Muslim brother and sister.

In what society this call was first made? It was made in the society of the illiterate. That was difficult on them. In fact, that was outside their sphere of concern and far from their nature. They did not have the ability to tolerate learning, reading and writing. Neither their circumstances were helpful. One of the most important titles brought about with the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) was seeking knowledge. It is well known that during Badr Battle when some of the Qorashi people were taken as prisoners by the Prophet of Allah (pbuh), I believe it was the first time in history that such a ransom was being evoked to set prisoners free. The ransom was always either paying money to set prisoners free or freeing prisoners in return. But then the ransom was that every polytheist Qorashi prisoner had to teach ten Muslims reading and writing. This was unprecedented in the history of prisoners’ swap or ransoming prisoners.

This is the knowledge which Islam wanted us to remain adherent to and to stay acquainted with all its developments despite time limits as seeking knowledge was demanded, legitimate, favorable, desirable from cradle to grave. Even at the last moments of one’s life, history conveys stories for us about elderly people who used to write and read. They used to investigate and discuss scientific issues even when they would be fatally sick and at the last hours of their lives.

Today brothers and sisters, when we are interested in this perspective – we usher into the field of learning, educating, investigating and studying – we first are approaching Allah by doing that. It’s one of the aspects of worship and approaching Allah. That’s because it is possible to approach Allah Al Mighty by anything which is liked by Allah, satisfactory to Allah and demanded by Allah. In fact, knowledge is not something which we may approach Allah with only, it is even more among the greatest things which we may approach Allah with as the holy ayahs and traditions say: learning, teaching, acting according to what we are taught and what we know. Jesus (pbuh) even says: "Whoever learns for the sake of Allah, teaches for the sake of Allah and works for the sake of Allah is referred to in the Kingdom of Heavens as great." So as he is great in Earth – that is if the people of Earth noticed his greatness as the standards of greatness on Earth differ a little bit and are at times faulty – in the Kingdom of Heavens he is referred to as great. This is the status and the degree which the messages of Heaven and Allah’s messengers offer to the learned, teachers and those who work according to their knowledge to the welfare of people.         

Second, our scientific and educational conduct enables us to transfer potentials into action. That means finding external true human powers which enable extracting all these welfares and capabilities which are deposited in this existence, universe and Earth which Allah Al Mighty granted to the welfare of man. When man was appointed as the successor of Allah on Earth and Allah Al Mighty chose to find a successor for Himself on Earth, He made among the goals of this succession prospering Earth, life and humanity. It is impossible to build Earth with ignorance, darkness and inability which do not enable man to invest all these capabilities and potentials that Allah Al Mighty deposited in this existence and in this Universe.

When we go to any other society or country such as our country Lebanon or any other country in the region, it is undeniable that when we talk about the persistence of a people, a country, an entity, a nation and a civilization, if we want to talk about its foundation, persistence, preservation, reformation and development, we can’t talk about the achievement of any of that disregarding knowledge, education and scientific development. This is quite obvious. Even if we considered independence, among the most important elements of the independence of any nation, people, entity or state is that it has the capabilities and scientific and human potentials which may furnish this nation with all what it needs in all fields – from security protection to military protection to reformation to development to administration to the ability to address social, economic and living crises… That is if it wants to be a productive society and not a consuming society, a sovereign society and not an annexed society. The condition for all of that is knowledge, education and specialization.

We are a capable country. We are a country which possesses innate and natural capabilities as the rest of human beings. We do not want to talk with superiority as some people do. We are not inferior to any people or any other nation. We are better from other nations because we belong to a history and a civilization which has an enormous level of knowledge, tradition, experience, expertise and capabilities. This is what we must keep before our eyes. This is what we must work on. We have now an alive and a neighboring experience. We always used to talk about Japan and how it stepped out of war, how it developed, how could it addressed its economy and how it could confront and transcend its crisis. Today we have a neighboring sample which is Iran. Years ago, Iran put a project not to transfer knowledge, gain the experience and transfer the scientific expertise which is available in the world. No! His Eminence Imam Khamenai evoked a clear title: producing science. That means that the Iranians – the Iranian scientists, university professors, university students and Iranian youths – have to produce science. So they do not have to imitate and clone but rather to produce science. Today the problem Iran is having with the USA and some great states in the world is that there is a state that had taken a decision, set its priorities, spent budgets and put schemes and projects to be among the sublime scientific states that produce science in the world. While the constant arrogant colonial plot for our Arab and Islamic countries and world is how to keep us supplementary, consumers and imitators. It is acceptable that we imitate but not everything. However it is prohibited that we produce and more precisely produce science – and we are the most capable nation of producing knowledge. Thus our world is confronted with political pressure, military threats, economic sanctions and the like. This is an evidence of importance. When we become a people which produces science, we become worthy of sovereignty, independence, freedom, existence, continuity and survival. This is what we in Lebanon must also put before our eyes. This must be the balance. There must be projects that produce scholars in all fields of specialization. Indeed Lebanon is advanced. Lebanon is the first in producing other issues which I do not want to tackle. They want us to remain as such. They encourage us on that. They consider that the culture of life. The true life is under the shade of knowledge, science, culture, specialization, independence, sovereignty and national ability.

One of the main characteristics of the resistance in Lebanon – brothers and sisters – especially in the latest experience is that it is a resistance that besides its faith and trust in Allah and its spiritual dimension, determination, persistence and great willingness to offer sacrifices, it is a resistance that was and is still based on science, knowledge, specialization, the available skillfulness and developing its human and materialistic capabilities. That’s why the Israeli enemy is the one who acknowledges that for years it is being engaged in a war of brainpowers with the resistance in Lebanon on the military, security, media and psychological war levels. The resistance in Lebanon is not mere muscles and arms. It is on the first degree a resistance of brains and hearts – faithful hearts and knowledgeable specialized minds, strong muscles and deep-rooted determination. Thus the resistance gained victory in 1985. That was the first forgotten victory when the Zionists were obliged to pullout from Beirut, Mount Lebanon, a part of the West Bakaa, Sidon, Tyr and Nabatiyeh and to hide behind the hills in the South. And thus was the victory of 2000 and the victory of 2006. This Resistance which is based on faith, determination, will, specialization and scheming i.e. on the mind, heart, spirit, body, soul, emotions and all the capacities which are deposited in man, is a resistance  that will triumph in any future confrontation in case it was imposed on Lebanon.

We must carry on in this conduct, in this line and in this track. The important issue here is that we as a people and a nation – if we talked as Lebanese – have confidence in ourselves, trust in our men, women, sons and daughters as well as confidence in our minds and capabilities to gain, manifest and produce knowledge. We do not lack and you do not lack anything at all. We are through with all the complexes of weakness, deficiencies and lowness which say that we are a retarded nation and a nation that lacks horizon and a nation that lacks future, an unable, weak nation which is unable to do anything. They tried to convince us with that and to implant that in our minds and many of our fellow citizens helped them on doing. But they reached nowhere. The truth is that we are an able nation which has very enormous capabilities. Here I am telling you that we are approaching more than any time in the past from making the future by our hands. Our capabilities are the possessions of our nation and the peoples in the region. This faithful, knowledgeable, learned, resisting, jihadi serious and responsible generation is the generation that will witness the great rise of this Ummah and the resounding defeat of the plundering, colonial and arrogant powers that have been confiscating our decisions, wealth and fate. Thus we have to carry on working on this track.

From these drawn results, I move to the telecommunication issue. Among the results of this concept and this effort, yes the Lebanese experts and professionals could in the field of communications – which is one of the very important, developed, complicated, scientific and technical – make a scientific and technical achievement which we classify as a national preemptive security achievement at the same time. It is very great and historical as regarding Lebanon and all the states, governments and peoples of the region. This achievement which was expressed in a press conference which was held days ago and was headed by the Telecommunication Minister and attended by the head of the parliamentary committee for media and telecommunication, the head of the telecommunication organizing committee and a number of telecommunication experts whether ladies or gentlemen. We address all those who attended the conference with many thanks on this day and on this occasion. Well they expressed through that press conference the achievement and put before the hands of the Lebanese and the whole world authentic, scientific, technical facts though I do not know to what extent the people followed and were interested in the press conference. Yet it must have been met with great interest because what was revealed and interpreted does not concern the Resistance alone or the Lebanese Army, Security Forces or security, political security only, it rather concerns all the Lebanese and their security, political security, social security, economic security, lives and personal privacies. That’s because through telecommunication and using telecommunication means whether mobile or the like all our affairs are being overt: information, secrets, places where people are present and movements and everything. Then these scientific, technical efforts came to present to the Lebanese a very important conclusion and to reveal to them a great truth which says that this domain is accessible by the Israelis. That means we have to take these conclusions into consideration. They have presented events, indications and given. After all they are people of specialization. We heard them. I have to take the results into consideration and to reconsider them for a while. As a great conclusion they are telling us:

The telecommunication sector is a very important sector that has to do with everything – security, military, schools, universities, economy, business, buying, selling, banks, the stock besides having to do with everything that have to do with personal life: personal relations, personal honor… So this space which is very important, serious and sensitive in our life is accessible by the Israelis.

It is even controlled by the Israelis and not only accessible. It is rather controlled by the Israelis. They can dominate, manipulate and influence this domain. It is not accessible only in the sense that they might be acquainted with its data, information, secrets and details. Indeed we must all in Lebanon view this issue as highly dangerous. I demanded from the brethrens because they are experts – so that I won’t say that these are my very conclusions – to provide me with conclusions. So I will recite these conclusions to the people to remind them and let them pay attention to the results of this Israel technical and human accessibility, control and violation.

I will recite the conclusions as rapid titles. They are known to you but I will say them to make an integrated idea:

-Eavesdropping and hearing phone calls. No one is protected. Whoever believes that his telephone or mobile phone is ciphered or not, encoded or not, we tell them the Israelis hear everything.

– The Israelis have access to short messages which is made by any subscriber in the Lebanese net.

– The Israelis have the capacity and may really have access to subscribers’ data which include all the personal information about the mobile phone holder and details about the phone calls. What is even more dangerous is that they can specify his geographic location. So when you talk on the mobile phone, the Israelis know exactly where you are and specify your position. So they can have access to time and place. They know where you are.

– Following and tracing the users of phones and mobile phones moment by moment, step by step. That means they may hear you when you are making your calls. When you are in your car, the Israelis are with you. If you talk on the mobile phone in Sidon, then you reach Beirut and talk from there, then you talk from Junyeh then from Tripoli, the Israelis are with you. They may specify your location specifically besides hearing what you are talking.

– Cloning any SIM card what enables them – and this is what is most dangerous and new according to all of us – to make a call or send a message. So they may clone your SIM card – the very card – and may use this number which is yours and make calls with your very number and under your name without your knowledge. They may make this number be present in places and times where in fact you are not present and away from it tens of kilometers. This has been verified, and let whoever has anything for technical discussion come for discussion. This issue has nothing to do with zealous speeches and slogans. This is a scientific speech and let whoever has anything for argument come for argument. The press conference and the experts say that. Experts abroad say that. This is even verified by us through our experience especially those who called our brethrens in the resistance. So they can clone the card for any phone what enables the Israelis to make calls and send sms while impersonating the identity of the cloned number. Thus the accounts that show the data will show the original owner of the phone as using his number while in fact it is the Israelis who used the number instead of the true owner of the phone.   

-Making calls and sending sms and moving from one place to another in the name of the target person i.e. the original owner of the phone without his knowledge. They may clone two or three or five cards and move them in different places and times without the true owners of the numbers knowing anything about that at all.

-Manipulating the time and place of the holder of the mobile phone. That means the enemy is able to let the person appear in a place away from his actual place by tens of kilometers. That means they may make your mobile and number appear as if you are talking from Beirut while in fact you are in Sidon. They may make your telephone appear as if you are talking from Baalbeck while you are in Bint Jbeil. This has been verified technically and scientifically.

– What is even more dangerous from all of that besides cloning – i.e. making new cards – is that the enemy can plant in your mobile which holds a SIM card with number such and such through one of his technical means another phone number besides your official number. So they can plant a number in your apparatus and make a call from your apparatus from the other number and receive a call from the other number. This is what they did. We have our mobiles. When it was said that three of our brethrens in the resistance are collaborators to Israel, we opened a detailed investigation and the issue was approached technically. We resorted to experts in this field of specialization. We even resorted to the intelligence directorate in the Lebanese Army. We told them you have expertise and capabilities. So help us. Indeed we did not resort to other places where they are convinced that these three resistance fighters are collaborators no doubt. In the search, it was found that in the mobile phone there are two numbers: the official SIM card bought and owned by the brethren and another number which was planted in the brethrens mobile phone. Other numbers which you do not know might be planted in your mobiles, and calls might be made from these numbers via the Israeli enemy. This achieves for the enemy many profits. So a full mobile number which includes the identity of the subscriber plus a serial number for a non-visual and unknown subscriber is his mobile phone. Thus two phones appear concurrent in their movement. This is one of the evidences on concurrence. So there is a number that moves with you as you move. Wherever you go it goes with you. It is not for you but it is adherent to you. Here in fact we must extend our salutations to the technicians in the Resistance and the technical officers in the Intelligence Directorate and all the technicians in the Telecommunication Ministry and the telecommunication organizing body on this qualitative achievement and for revealing the secret of this very developed technology. This is a Lebanese discovery. Let anyone who has any argument also show up for argument. These are not slogans or speeches. This is a scientific speech. See these are the mobile phones with planted numbers and which may have numbers planted in them. The issue will be explained to you. They have already explained it in the press conference. Planting numbers or fabricating other mobiles in the mobiles of the brethrens in the Resistance or others enables the enemy first from eavesdropping the calls of these brethrens, second from specifying their places and they are targeted anyway and third eavesdropping on the environment. So the enemy may not only hear the calls but also the mobile turns to a device for eavesdropping on what is taking place in the room or the session or the place. Whatever is said is transmitted via the mobile and the number planted in the mobile.

Thus and between parentheses indeed I say many people in Lebanon were arrested and summoned on the basis of telecommunication and telecommunication analysis. They were accused of collaboration then it was proved that they are not agents. If they like we may furnish them with a list of names but it is not my specialization to present names. There is a long list of people who were summoned to the Information Branch and to the Intelligence Directorate on the basis that they are collaborators. Upon analyzing the calls and after investigating with them and interpreting things it was revealed that they are not collaborators and that there was something ambiguous in the issue. Consequently we must pay much attention to that because it causes harm to people. At times the mere act of summoning someone is an issue that might be leaked in Lebanon. Thus the accused will be convicted of collaboration and harmed along with his family. Later it will be proven that this is not sufficient evidence or evidence which is insignificant and thus an accusation may not be based on it. Even more, through these results, it was proven that the Israelis may manipulate the calls records (data) through adding, dropping or amending a part of the records of some definite numbers. I do not want to go into the technical issue. I only want to say that this conclusion means two things: First there is  Israeli accessibility and second Israeli control of the telecommunication sector in Lebanon.

When the Telecommunication Minister and all the team whom I talked about a while ago presented these indications in the press conference, indeed they did so upon a unanimous request made by the parliamentary telecommunication committee in the Parliament which found that these facts concern the Lebanese people so explain them for the people. Thus the Minister and the team who held the press conference explained the issue. Consequently we are before a very great national, scientific and security achievement which was expressed in the press conference.

Following the press conference, what is our responsibility? How must we deal with these facts, discovery and achievement?

Among the results of the press conference there is influence on two sides: There is first the Israeli issue. There is a country called Lebanon. There is an enemy called Israel. Israel is having access and controlling the telecommunication sector. This is on one side. The other side leads to the issue of the international investigation and the STL and the nature of the evidences which the general prosecutor will resort to in the indictment.

There are people in Lebanon who have mixed between the two sides. Here I am saying today: Put the second side (i.e. the side that has to do with the STL and the international investigation, Bellemare and the international communications) aside. Take the first side into consideration and put aside the story of conspiring, political struggle and political targeting.

We, the Lebanese, have a country, an army, security forces, administrations and people who talk on mobile phones. Perhaps most of the people own mobile phones and talk on mobile phones. Experts are saying this sector is accessible and controlled and the capabilities available to the enemy are so and so. First doesn’t that deserve a condemnation by the officials in the Lebanese state whether presidents, ministers or deputies? Doesn’t this Israeli violation and very dangerous aggression on security and sovereignty (though it is more dangerous on the security of the people and on our personal security as Lebanese, on our national security as a state, society and people) deserve condemnation and raising our voice as I said in my latest speech. I gave you example on tongues which were silenced. Here also many held their tongues. In whose face? In face of Israel! This is an achievement for the state which was made by the Telecommunication Ministry. This is an official side which has made an achievement of this kind. It is protecting the country as it is evoking a very serious problem faced by the country. There are official political leaders and heads of parties who held their tongues as if nothing took place and nothing was evoked and as if there is no violation of this kind or control of this kind or an aggression of this kind!

The international conference in which the Telecommunication Ministry and the accompanying delegate took part condemned Israel while political forces in Lebanon refrained from condemning Israel! What does this mean? These political events and developments reveal people, their identities, essence, truth, background, aims, falsehood and truthfulness. Whoever considers Israel an enemy must at least condemn the aggression perpetrated by this enemy!

First, this must hold the people to condemn this enemy. If you do not want to thank the Ministry of Telecommunication because the Minister of Telecommunication does not appeal to you, this is your own business. This is the game of small children, small minds and spiteful spirits. Whether you like the minister, the ministry, the organizing body and the experts or not, this is a great national achievement which every Lebanese person must address its achievers with gratitude.

Second, what is the plan of the state? That necessitates setting a plan. I do not want to anticipate things. However this necessitates setting a plan to prevent this violation and aggression and to protect the telecommunication sector, personal security and national security. This is the responsibility of the state and not the responsibility of the resistance or the telecommunication ministry alone. This is the responsibility of the state. Where is the state from this responsibility? We might not demand that from them now, but when the cabinet meets all of us must demand that from them. However this issue does not have as a condition the meeting of the cabinet. There are concerned ministries, sides and institutions – according to their official posts – which might start from now setting serious factual plans to face this violation and this aggression.

However, the second side in the issue of telecommunication is the side that in fact pushed many of the people to remain silent and hold their tongues and even on the contrary push towards evoking doubts. For example, I did not find in all the responses a scientific discussion for the content of the conference. Yes, there were people who said the timing is doubtful. What does that mean? There are people who had discovered the truth and made haste to express it and reveal it before the Lebanese people. Is this doubtful timing? Delaying is rather doubtful. Delaying is national treason and not making haste to announce to the Lebanese public viewpoint the facts which were discovered recently after the arrest of collaborators in the telecommunication sector and the scientific and technical efforts which were exerted to reveal these facts. Why did they remain silent? Why are they perplexed? That simply means that the true factual reason is that these indications mean that Mr. Bellemare is heading towards what he calls the evidence of telecommunication. This proof is not a proof. This proof is absolutely valueless. They do not want to give in to this conclusion. Thus some of them remained silent and some argued that the timing is doubtful. I call on them to make a technical and scientific discussion.

Now I move to the STL developments. As for the STL, every now and then they make amendments to its laws, regulations and procedures. This is a tribunal that is authorized by the Security Council to put the frameworks and rules that appeal to it. So it is itself the legislative and executive authority. It does as it pleases and amends laws and regulations whenever it wants and as it wants. The great power which is given to this tribunal is really odd. Some time ago we heard that some amendments were made. I do not want to go into a legal discussion. However, I would like to ask questions, inquire and wonder. We have asked some legal experts, constitutionalists and lawyers and they gave us answers. However I do not claim that we had enough time to reach final conclusions. Yet what we heard from these legal experts is enough to make us pose some questions on the public opinion. We will make a short pose here:

The first question is: We know that in states – for example in Lebanon – trials in absentia are made. However later when the accused appear in court, the absentia sentence is considered null and void. They carry a trial in his presence and a sentence is issued. We asked: have there ever been trials in absentia conducted in international courts? Those whom we asked – and here I do not claim a total induction, however asking the question is enough – said there aren’t such precedents. That means in international courts never trials in absentia were issued; however indictments might be issued. Yet the accused is not tried until he appears in court. Then the sentence is issued. However such a precedent took place in the STL.

Second, we asked if any international tribunal had ever kept witnesses secret. It seems that this is also a precedent not only in international courts but also in state courts. Still there is a question. Is it right to issue sentences against people while remaining silent on the witness. That means the accused is not able of arguing with the witness and of asking him questions such as: you bear witness on me; where were you? Where did you see me? In what situation did you see me? Neither the accused nor his advocate may ask such questions because the witness is kept secret. This is unprecedented in international courts and even in ordinary civil and military courts it seems. However this in itself raises a question mark.

Had any court ever accepted written testimonies from a witness without appearing before the jury and lawyers or in the courtroom? Here also there is argument. However in such a sensitive and dangerous case, why should evidences be underrated? Even if we said such things did take place in a definite court in the world, are they applicable when it comes to such a sensitive case, indictment and conviction which are related to the fate and future of a country? I want to ask all the justice seekers in Lebanon whether senior or junior who say the court will continue and justice is on its way: What is this justice? Is underrating evidences an indicator of justice and establishing justice? Has the track of the investigation for five years been an indicator or justice and establishing justice? Or rather the previous experience and the current experience say that this tribunal adjusts its rules and procedures to easily issue premeditated political verdicts.

I would like to tell you from now that we will leave this to legal discussion. If there is a court in the world which is the weakest and feeblest in terms of law and procedures and frameworks of establishing justice, it is this international court.

Many say that in face of crises, we must resort to constitutional institutions. They always pursue us with the constitution and constitutional institutions; that they are constitutionalists and legal scholars and statesmen while we are militias and outlaw gangs. I would like to ask them this question: According to Lebanese constitutional and legal norms, is this court constitutional? Is it among the products of Lebanese constitutional institutions? Let them claim that and say yes.

In the upcoming stage Inshallah, a press conference will be held to give a legal and constitutional perspective on this issue. This perspective will be based on studies and investigations conducted by a number of legal and constitutional experts in Lebanon and abroad. The conclusion is clear: This court has nothing to do with Lebanon whether on the legal or constitutional levels or as far as the Lebanese constitutional institutions are concerned. Indeed it is an international resolution issued by the Security Council (the Security Council which has divided Palestine, acknowledged the existence of Israel, covers all the sanctions which are imposed on the governments and peoples in the world and is a puppet in the hands of the USA). This is a Security Council Resolution. True you might tell me this is international legitimacy. Well we have our own viewpoint on international legitimacy. This is an international resolution. That is true. But is this Lebanese legitimacy and the legitimacy of the Lebanese institutions? We all know how the STL issue was discussed, how the government was evaded, how they refused to give time to our ministers to discuss it, how the President of the Republic was deemed unconcerned, how the parliament was deemed unconcerned… This discussion must be made not to attack the STL but to present facts and to answer those who call on us to resort to constitutional institutions by saying you are the ones who must resort to constitutional institutions. You are seeking something which is falsified and which has escaped the constitutional institutions in Lebanon.

As far as the STL and its procedures are concerned the new development is again Israeli intervention, Israeli statements and Israeli talk. I do not mean the Israeli press i.e. what Maariv or Haartez say. I rather mean senior Israeli officials. Israeli officials
are saying that Israel has supplied the international investigation committee with data and indications and that they are being cooperative. The international investigation committee instead of interrogating with the Israelis and taking the Israeli supposition into consideration, it went to seek help from the Israelis to convict Israel’s number one enemy. Does that really serve establishing justice?

They are saying so. It is not I who is assuming and inventing. Did this investigation which neglects the Israeli assumption ever investigate with the Israelis on any of the indicators and data which were offered? This is at a time the Israelis say they are very close to the investigation.   

As for means to find solutions and efforts to address the issue, in fact that must spring from a basic central point: Are we convinced that this indictment is dangerous on Lebanon and constitutes a threat to Lebanon and is dangerous on the Resistance and constitutes a threat to the Resistance or not?

There are some people who believe that this indictment is an opportunity to get rid of an enemy which is called the Resistance because they are in another place. This indictment or this track is an opportunity to get rid of the rival – if we want to use a mild word – or to weaken the rival which is present in the Lebanese square and hinder their projects, ideas and authority.

From another perspective, we regard the issue pursuant to its repercussions and the threats on the country as a country, on Lebanon’s strength, security, stability, independence and integrity. Eventually, the perspective from which we view the issue influences to a great extent our performance and conduct. Thus you find everyone – who is concerned about Lebanon’s security, stability, integrity, national unity, civil coexistence and about establishing justice and not doing injustice to anyone as was done to the officers and others – looking forward to the success of the Syrian-Saudi effort, expecting good tidings from it, betting on it and supporting it. However you find those who look from another perspective – the perspective of getting rid of the enemy and the rival – on the opposite track saying there are no Saudi-Syrian efforts in fact. These contacts have ended and they reached a dead end. There is nothing put forth. Well you hear them. This is an indicator also as their position from the telecommunication issue is an indicator. This reveals intentions, natures, identities, feelings, minds and backgrounds. This is the very story.

Whoever is concerned about the country says that we must back, support and assist this effort. We must expect good tidings from it and be optimistic by it. However those who are not concerned about the country and those who can’t lead but a spiteful life full of struggles and targeting others – we are not targeting them; they are rather targeting us – look at the issue from another perspective.

In this context, we are in the position of those who support the Syrian-Saudi effort and of those who call on others to support this effort whether they are Iranians, Turks or Qatari as was seen in the recent visit by Mr. Erdogan to Lebanon or the visit of the Qatari Prime Minister or any other state, government or friendly side that wants to move on the track of finding a solution. We address everyone with these words: Support, back and assist the Saudi-Syrian effort because it is the only serious effort available to get Lebanon out of the circle of threats.

Amid all this mess, here I am telling you not as someone who is being optimistic but rather pursuant to facts and eventualities and pursuant to what I have personally received in the past few days: this effort still exists. It is well advanced. There is great hope of reaching a true solution.

On the Lebanese level, can we address the issue, solve the crisis or keep aside from our country the threats imposed on it by the STL and the indictment? Yes the Lebanese are able to do that and they know how to do that. The Lebanese government is able and knows how to do that. However what we need as Lebanese is determination, resolution and will.

 As for efforts to find solutions there are people who do not in fact want a solution at all; neither before nor after the indictment is issued. There are some people who have already started saying: After the indictment is issued, all international and local capabilities must be activated to sue the accused and make them appear before the court. So from now they started instigating against the persons against whom the indictment will be issued. They say go and arrest them. They believe the story will be but a ride in open air. That means that some people want to make a problem and are making haste to have this problem take place. They want to destroy the country from this perspective.

There are some people who want a solution. Practically and according to the existing facts there are now two tracks and viewpoints. One viewpoint says there must be a Lebanese solution under a Saudi-Syrian cover which is blessed by all our friends in the region before the indictment is issued if it is to be issued. Well we as well as the Opposition, Syria and as far as I know Saudi Arabia see the welfare of Lebanon in that.

There is another track that wants to head towards a solution but after the indictment is issued. Here there are some doubts and something wrong. I warn against this blunder. The Americans and the Israelis are looking forward to the issuance of this indictment. This indictment has already been met with ceremonies of victory in Israel. Anyway it is not a victory. With you and before your will we turn every aggression to a defeat. Yet there is a statue quo which says that Israel has already started holding ceremonies of victory for the issuance of the indictment which will lead to the implementation of Resolution 1559. We all know and this has been articulated by Israelis that there is a great Israel betting on the issuance of the indictment and its repercussions. What I want to say to the followers of this viewpoint – who talk about finding a solution following the issuance of the indictment: We fear that as a result of the magnitude of US-Israeli connivance and bargaining that should the indictment be issued, until the various sides meet, discuss and seek a solution for one day, two or three or a week or two, it will be too late and we would all have lost control. Consider my words fully. Be careful as all of us will assume the responsibility. This is the difference between the pre-indictment and the post-indictment era. Before the issuance of the indictment, the story would already be over and we would have protected the country. We would have already reached an agreement, protected the country, civil peace, the government and everything whether the indictment is to be issued or not. The indictment is not something that exists by itself. It is rather a link or a part of a project. Its other parts will be completed. One part of the project started with the assassination of PM martyr Rafiq Hariri and carried on with the other assassinations. In the shade of these assassinations the clauses of the STL were being set until reaching the issuance of the indictment and what follows.

Thus I call not to waste time or buy time. That means that now we waste time. What is the problem in that? You know I do not like to keep much for myself. They are most welcomed in Iran, Turkey and in anywhere else. However it is not acceptable that we waste time in such a way until the indictment is issued. Then we would say we will sit down. Never mind! There won’t be any crisis in the country… This is true. Inshallah nothing will take place in the country was the story in my, your and our hands. However what if the story was in another place and in the hands of the seniors who are playing with the country and bargaining on the country and targeting it? This is what we can’t address by wasting time and betting on the unknown. This makes us responsible of finding a solution tonight or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and of taking all possible measures to protect the country.     

I have heard during the past weeks words to the effect that we are waiting for the issuance of the indictment. If it is based on irrefutable proofs we will accept it and say to the world that there are irrefutable proofs. However if the indictment is not based on irrefutable proofs we will not accept it. However you are saying the STL is great and not unbiased and not politicized. How is that true? It is issuing the indictment based on evidences which it considers sufficient to issue an indictment.

We acknowledge that you have minds. You can read the indictment and its evidences and judge on them. Well, let’s benefit from the time factor then. Please I tell you O people who own minds: read the indictment and its evidences. I am telling you from now, O good people, the evidences of the indictment are found in Der Spiegel, Le Figaro and CBC. I assure you these are the evidences. These are the very reports. Why was Bellemare perplexed with the CBC report? That’s because it is a Canadian TV station and Bellemare himself is Canadian. He is making the communication lines and the coincidences. Believe me as I am following the issue closely and I have a proof on that: the whole case which is with Bellemare is in the media. Soon the indictment wil be issued. When it is issued, you will find who is faithful and who is lying… Let’s sit down and read and see where your mind will lead. Are the evidences on which the indictment or the accusation is based irrefutable and decisive? I do not know what is the difference between the two? This is a legal debate on which an indictment which is to establish justice in a case with such a magnitude is based

Anyway, I call on all parties not to waste time and to assume their responsibilities for fear if the indictment is issued, the senior and junior players would play with this country and we would lose the ability to address the repercussions of the indictment and consequently to protect the country which we are all concerned about. We protect it with our eyes and blood. This is the responsibility which we must assume.  

As for Ghajar much was said. All what the Israelis did is a game and a story of public relations. It is a media game to cover up for settlement in Eastern Al Qods and settlement in the West Bank and all the steps leading to attach this land and judaize it and consequently give a good image before the international community which is in the game whether Pan Kimon or the rest who welcomed this suspicious, minor, curtailed step. It is clear that the Israelis are manipulating with this issue and carrying on with settlement building. Here between parentheses, I tell those who bet on the Americans that the administration of Obama, that America with all gravity demanded from Netanyahu to halt settlement building for two or three months. It offered him security, military and financial temptations. Still he did not succumb to their calls and carried on with settlement construction. What was the reaction of the Americans? They expressed their disappointment. They did not even issue a denunciation.    The Israelis are building settlements in the Occupied territories – which are so according to international resolution. Still no condemnation was issued whether from the UN Secretary General Pan Kimon, the Security Council, America or anyone else in the world. They just expressed their disappointment.

However if any minor incident took place against an Israeli soldier, settler or even cow, condemnations will be issued from everywhere around the world. This is the statue quo we are living in now.

As for the Lebanese part of Ghajar, it is demanded that it be returned completely to the Lebanese sovereignty. We do not stop any agreement. Still we can not agree on disguised occupation. Let the Israelis pull out from the Lebanese part of Al Ghajar completely whether on the civil, security or military levels. Let Al Ghajar return to the Lebanese sovereignty completely. Should the Lebanese government wish to dispatch the army to that area, let it do that. If it wishes to dispatch security forces, public security forces or customs forces, it is free to do that. This is a sovereign affair and the Israelis are not concerned in saying who may or may not go to the Lebanese part of Ghajar. The UNIFIL are not an alternative to the Lebanese Army. They rather assist the Lebanese Army. In fact, their presence where there is no Lebanese Army is meaningless. But if it is said that the UNIFIL go to Ghajar and the Lebanese Army is not allowed to go there that will be a continuation of occupation for us. This is disguised occupation and we act as if it is still ongoing.

Indeed there is a point which is worthy of our interest but is rarely tackled when the issue is addressed. It is the issue of the people and residences of Northern Ghajar. Yes we have to confess that there is a humanitarian problem. Some of the people of Ghajar will remain under occupation while some will be under the Lebanese sovereignty and they are relatives after all. If we cut the way there will be a problem. If we kept the gate open there will be a problem. If you told the people in the Lebanese part go all of you to the occupied part there will be a problem. This issue must be addressed and must be taken into consideration. The logical, factual, sound, legal, moral and legitimate solution is that Israel pulls out from the entire village of Ghajar and not only from the Lebanese part of Ghajar as the other part of Ghajar is Syrian, Arab land and not Israeli land. Indeed we do not acknowledge that there is anything called Israeli land in principle. Consequently, the solution is that the Israelis withdraw from all of Ghajar and that the Lebanese part returns to Lebanon and the Syrian part is kept temporarily under the care of the Lebanese authorities, until the pullout is complete and the borders between Lebanon and Syria are delineated. Therefore, the whole town would be under Lebanese authority, its people remain together and thus we won’t face a human moral crisis.

Even according to international laws and resolutions, this is how the issue is addressed. We cannot, because of political wrangling, turn a blind eye on the sufferings of Ghajar residents whether in the Lebanese part which originated after the occupation or in its Syrian part which originally belongs to Syria.

After saying all what I said and presenting all what I presented I still like to say the following:  No doubt that as days pass by, we move closer towards a critical and sensitive stage. Indeed some media outlets and Lebanese politicians are making haste. You find them saying that the indictment will be issued on December 5th. Others say it will be issued on December 11th. Others say it will be issued on December 15th or 17th or 20th… Anyway, we are getting closer to a sensitive moment that should be dealt with wisely and responsibly and with firm determination and concern over the great interests which all come under the greater interest which is protecting Lebanon. We are acting accordingly, and we are concerned about protecting our country and people besides the Lebanese Army, state and institutions. We feel we have a great responsibility towards this issue. However there is something which I would like to say from my caring, loving and responsible position towards this country for which we offered our dear martyrs and not from the position of fear and anxiety: Many journalists have been writing in Lebanese and foreign and even Israeli media outlets that Hezbollah is afraid and anxious. So and so is not able to sleep at night – as a matter of fact in the past few months I have been sleeping one extra hour! Let no one believe that is true. Let no one count on that because their considerations, conclusions and steps will be all wrong and incorrect.

Here I am telling you: Since 1948 until today, there have been resistance movements in Lebanon with various and different characteristics, conditions and capabilities. However never in the history of Lebanon until this very day, the resistance had this level of self confidence, power, ability, vigor, and domestic and regional presence. All the local, regional and international changes serve the track that says that the resistance movements and the opposing governments and states and this track in general is growing stronger and more prideful and effective in its presence in the nation and its future while the other project is moving towards more feebleness, deterioration and retreat.

Let no one bet – here comes the story of the pre and post indictment era – on saying that before the indictment Hezbollah is under little pressure but after the indictment it will be under much pressure. Deluded is he who bargains on that the STL and the indictment will influence our morals, spirituality, bravery and determination. I remind you of the year 1996. All of you lived these events. Before the escalation of the resistance in southern Lebanon and the escalation of the great self-martyrdom operations which were executed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Al Qods and Tel Aviv, the whole world met in Sharm el-Sheikh to protect Israel. The presidents of the USA and France, the premiers of Britain, China and Russia and most of the presidents of the Arab, Islamic and African states met. There was a massive assembly on the level of presidents, premiers, kings and princes. The absentees were few: Lebanon, Syria, Iran and some other states. The world met on the level of presidents and senior leaders in Sharm el-Sheikh and issued a statement that declares Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations. They formed a panel of security ministers and intelligence chiefs who in fact met in the US in a bid to find ways to crush these three organizations, dry up their financing sources, sue, try and confiscate them. Did that take place or not? They waged a tremendous media and psychological war against us and against our brethrens in the Palestinian resistance. Did that take place or not? But what did blow Sharm el-Sheikh? Israel considered that under the international condemnation and classification of Hezbollah as a terrorist group besides its brethrens in Hamas and Jihad, it is an appropriate opportunity to attack Lebanon with the aim of destroying Hezbollah in the ‘Grapes of Wrath Aggression’ in April 1996 so that Shimon Peres would win another term as PM at the expense of our bones, children and women.

The international convention in Sharm el-Sheikh was a cover for an Israeli war to put an end to the resistance in April 1996. What was the result? We chose to confront this psychological war. You were present. In one of our ceremonies we said the tyrants of the world met. But we used to tell you we are a small group in a small country but we are great with our faith. We used to tell you {Men said to them: A great army is gathering against you, (so fear them): but it (only) increased their faith: they said: for us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs}. This was our rhetoric. With this spirit and logic we faced the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ in 1996 and the resistance won and Lebanon triumphed. Today I can tell those who analyze and bargain on the STL: It might be a cover for a new Israeli war. The STL is not more grandiose or important than Sharm el-Sheikh where all the tyrants of the world met. Now many governments around the world consider themselves aside and unconcerned with the STL. The Americans and the Israelis are holding the STL on their shoulders and going around. Many states have informed us through their private channels that they are not concerned with the results of the STL. Consequently the STL does not by any means or considerations have the same level of psychological, intellectual terrorism and political pressure as was Sharm el-Sheikh which was blown by the arms of our fighters, the tolerance of our people and the blood and disjointed parts of our children and women in Qana. All the schemes set by the tyrants were blown up in air. Today the very story is taking place. Back then we were not as strong as we are today. Neither our equipment was better nor our number was greater, nor were our faith and trust in Allah greater than our status now on the local, regional and international levels.

Let no one bet on practicing pressure on us whether before the indictment or after it. Let’s all assume the responsibility. The time has gone forever when people would bet on someone being able to crush a people which have a mind, heart, determination and will to live in their country – the land of fathers and ancestors – with pride and esteem. They say that time cannot run backwards, and I agree with them.  Yes time does not ever go backwards. The time – when you were able to threaten us, frighten us and target our will, existence and dignity – is over. With the blessing of the minds, hearts, determination, knowledge and education of these graduates, these dear fathers and mothers, these university principals and professors and you we may Inshallah cross with our country to the secure seashore and preserve our security, pride, honor, presence and future making. May Allah bless your success. I would have liked very much to be among you – graduate brothers and sisters – but you know the circumstances. Anyway these circumstances are a true testimony on the true nature of the struggle between the Israeli enemy and us. Thus I hope dear brethrens His Eminence Sayyed Hachem Safieddine and Hajj Abu Hassan Raad would thankfully honor the graduate brothers and sisters. May Allah protect you and grant you victory. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.