Nasrallah Speaks!

May 29, 2010

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In His Name

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah marking the tenth anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day on Tuesday 25/5/2010 at Sayyed Asshuhada Compound in Beirut’s Southern Suburb.

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the world. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers. Brothers and sisters! Ladies and gentlemen! Peace be upon you all and Allah’s mercy and blessing.
First, to the chaste souls of the martyrs of the Resistance, Liberation and Victory in Lebanon and to all martyrs who offered their pure blood to make the victory and to make this pride, esteem and glory – namely to the souls of the master of the Islamic Resistance martyrs Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Abbass Mussawi, the Sheikh of the Islamic Resistance martyrs Sheikh Ragheb Harb and leader martyr Hajj Imad Moghniyeh – we offer the reward of Al Fatiha Sura.
First, I want to congratulate you, all the Lebanese, Arabs, Muslims and freedom seekers in the world on this great anniversary – the tenth anniversary of the victory of the resistance, the nation, the army, the people, the will… the victory of blood over the sword and of righteousness over evil…the victory of determination and the power of faith over all calls that frustrate wills and discourage determinations. I congratulate you on this great national day, and I find it my duty first as a prelude to the occasion and before ushering into the speech of the occasion to thank all our people in the South, in all the southern districts and especially the border area who were present on Sunday and did not fear anyone. They showed a great presence especially in the villages and towns neighboring occupied Palestine despite the drills in the Israeli entity. Despite all the intimidation attempts and alarming propagandas, men, women and children advanced to hold on May 23rd – and prior to May 25th – celebrations for democracy, freedom of expression, word unity, victory, liberation and resistance. In this occasion, I also thank all the Lebanese who achieved the first round of the municipal elections in Mount Lebanon and the second round of the Municipal elections in Bekaa and Beirut. I thank in particular all those who renewed their trust and backing of our coalition and agreement even in the municipal framework. We ask Allah Al Mighty that the last round of the municipal elections in the north take place to be through completely with this event and go back to facing all other upcoming due events internally and regionally.
On this occasion, I would like to talk about the liberation of 2000. I also have a word on the statue quo in the framework of the conflict against the Israeli enemy – the Arab-Israeli conflict and our conflict with the enemy. I have also something to say about the future before wrapping up with the stance to which we commit ourselves and the new formula which we want to add today to the other formulae in our confrontation with the enemy.
We all know that the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was part of a US-Israeli scheme on the regional level. Lebanon, Palestine and Syria were essential parts targeted by this scheme. This scheme was also preparing for the great and serious developments which took place in Iran.
In 2000, this US-Israeli scheme was thwarted. However they indeed had their alternatives. When one scheme is thwarted, they give way for another scheme. If this other scheme did not work either, they start on a third scheme until they fall for good Inshallah and with them flop all the dreams of any schemes. In 2000, this scheme was thwarted and among its elements which was revealed some time ago by some Israeli officials is that in 1982 they put a plan which aimed at starting building Zionist settlements in Southern Lebanon.
You know that the land of the South is vast and picturesque, and we have abundance of water – Praise be to Allah. So they decided to commence in building Zionist settlements in southern Lebanon. During the first year of their occupation they studied the situation in the south: Will the situation in Lebanon be settled? Will the political scheme which the occupation came to achieve with the aid, unfortunately, of some in the Lebanese internal then work or not? However the scheme of erecting Zionist settlements on the land of the South, West Bekaa and Rashaya flopped from the very first months thanks to the blood of martyrs and particularly the self-sacrifice martyrs. We all remember how the first year of the occupation witnessed many operations against the occupation and the presence of the resistance and various forms of jihad in several regions and by more than one party, movement, group and current. Thus by the end of the first year, the Zionists made an evaluation of the stance which says that “our situation may not be stable in Lebanon. We do not know where to we are heading. Thus they canceled the scheme of building settlements on the land of the South. I liked to hint to this issue because it was clearly circulated some time ago.
Year 2000 was harvest time. Since 1982 till 2000, there were determination, industrious work, patience, sacrifices, jihad, blood of martyrs and the wounded, captives, displacement, steadfastness, destroyed homes, fields set on fires and children at schools in Nabatiyeh, Sidon and other villages killed and heads decapitated. All of that was confronted with patience. We used to talk from the beginning about the upcoming victory. Some sides here in Lebanon and in the Arab world used to mock us saying: These sheikhs are senile. They have dreams and reveries. Then the master of the Islamic Resistance martyrs stood from the very beginning back in 1990 and 1991 to say that Israel has fallen and that it would sooner or later pull out with humiliation from Lebanon. Some used to ridicule these words and these stances.
Indeed I am hinting at this mockery and ridicule to reach the statue quo and what will come in the future.
But the year 2000 came and the resounding great historic victory came along. Here I am asking you, all the Lebanese, all the Arabs and the entire world: Who would have thought that Israel would withdraw from Lebanon in 2000? Who expected this scenario, this humiliation and this utmost confusion? Some senior Israeli leaders even said: We pulled out “stumbling with our tail between our legs” as an expression of utmost humiliation and disgrace.
Who expected that this scenario will take place? To many this was more like a dream, a reverie, an illusions or great expectations. Still it took place. It took place before you eyes, before the eyes of the camera, was filmed by world satellite stations and was witness by the whole world and it was not just mere dreams.
Just for reminding, consideration and laying foundations, I say that many essential factors led to this victory which are in brief:
First, the will of the people, their steadfastness, embracing of the resistance, especially our people in the South and more precisely those residing in the front lines and also our people in Bekaa who used to tolerate all through the era of the resistance up till 2000, Israeli aerial bombardment of camps, cities, villages and towns. As for Beirut and Dahyieh, our share was little before 2000. Yet year 2006 compensated for.
Here I am talking about people – at least a great number of Lebanese and at most a popular majority. Indeed I do not talk about a popular and national Lebanese consensus. Never was there a consensus on the resistance which gained victory and on this choice.
Second: The political and security stability in the region and especially in the 1990s. in the 1990s, the rhetoric of the resistance was ascending and among the important reasons for that were security, political stability in the country, the deployment of the army in the region, calmness in the internal squares and the orientation towards the enemy. One of the most important pillars of this stability was and is still the Lebanese Army and its field presence.
Third: The cooperation and coordination between the resistance and the army and taking roles. After all the resistance did not interfere in the internal affairs especially on the security level. The Army was also controlling the situation. It confronted the aggressions and watched roads, avenues and coasts day and night. The resistance had a secret and at times semi-open existence. It used to work on its way in the occupied areas and along the confrontation lines.
Forth: The steadfastness of the political authority in Lebanon during that period of time before the US pressure and bullying.
Remember that Barak had promised to withdraw in July 2000 and he started to beg and ask from Syria and Lebanon and all of his friends even for some winnings to hide his withdrawal from Lebanon with.
The political authority in Lebanon then – the presidency, the government, the parliament i.e. the official political institution in Lebanon – refused to offer any concessions or rewards to the Israeli enemy which was forced to pull out unconditionally and with no rewards. This was an important factor.
Fifth: The support of Syria and the Islamic Republic in Iran. This support is diversified and multifold. We are proud of this support and we are thankful to that. Now we reach the primary factor. All these factors are helping, embracing and facilitating factors. However if all these factors were available without the armed, jihadi, sacrifice-giving, fighting and enemy-exploiting resistance, we might have remained steadfast but for sure we would not have had our land liberated as in May 2000. So indeed the primary factor was definitely and decisively the resistance along with its epics, operations, martyrs, self-martyrs, captives, wounded and garrisoning fighters. It’s their steadfastness, strong hearts and powerful minds and their choice of the resistance, sacrifices and jihad and their harming of the enemy and the enemy’s collaborators in every occasion that afflicted psychological and moral defeat above all on the Israeli enemy, their collaborators, leaders and people at the back. Thus was the humiliating decision to run away from Lebanon in 2000 on this very day. So the Israelis did not even choose the time, place and scenario, and they did not put conditions too. It was we who imposed on the enemy the timing and the scenario and the conditions for its humiliation and running away from Lebanon.
This is the formula, and thus was the victory. Today – ten years later – we stress again on the formula that made victory: the people-army-resistance formula as the ministerial statement said and as His Eminence the President of the Republic said…and he had said so indeed. First he is expressing the Lebanese official stance which is mentioned in the ministerial statement and not the stance of whoever opposes here or shows reservations there. These have their viewpoints which they may express. Yet in the meanwhile the Lebanese official stance is expressed by the ministerial statement which speaks about the people-army-resistance formula. The President expresses the official stance as well as his personal conviction and experience. It is also the viewpoint of most of the Lebanese. Yes it does not express a Lebanese consensus because there is no Lebanese consensus whether on this balance or against it.
Some always try to depict a counter Lebanese consensus. No! No! There is no Lebanese consensus with or against. Still the majority of the Lebanese people were always with this formula and this option and this is a factor of strength. Consequently I do not want to comment on some objections which were issued here or there because the occasion is greater and loftier than using it to comment on such sayings.
The victory of 2000 has set the foundations for a new stage of the conflict and for new formulae and a new course. You all know that May 26th, 2000 was another new day and another different region. The Zionists realized this very well but they had no other choice. Some Arab leaders were aware of that as well. However unfortunately, Israelis revealed some time ago that some Arab official sides contacted the Israeli cabinet – the Israeli enemy – prior to May 2000 and urged them and called on them not to pull out from Lebanon unconditionally. Is this a surprising news? No it’s not because we knew very well not only in May 2000 but also in July 2006 that some Arab sides contacted the Israelis and urged them not to stop the war so that Hezbollah and Lebanon would not come out victorious, powerful and prideful.
They did that too! The Israelis say so whether we believe that or no. O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth. But the point is that this piece of news is likely of being believed.
Indeed it has its own logic. What do the Israelis say? They say on behalf of those Arabs that ‘your unconditional withdrawal will complicate the settlement process and the negotiations. It will embarrass the governments which are negotiating you. Then their people will call on them not to offer negotiations following the Lebanese sample. The logic called for pulling off the withdrawal or not to withdraw unconditionally.

As for the second issue, I will tackle the statue quo for a while. Between 2000 and 2010, major events took place in the world, in the region, in Lebanon and in Palestine. You know these events and there is no need to recall them. But it may be said that in the statue quo many of the issues and the situations changed. Major schemes were thwarted. Several major projects flopped or are in a descending or falling stage.
The track of the settlement in the region and especially the Palestinian issue is in a deadlock impasse. Lebanon and Syria are obtaining great international and regional interest. The question that is preoccupying all in Lebanon and the region today and at the meanwhile is the possibility of war and the talk about war.
In the statue quo, brothers and sisters, no one can deny that Israel is experiencing an ascending state of anxiety and confusion. I do not want to exaggerate and say restlessness and loss also, but there is a certain degree of that which the Israeli leaders, press and people express clearly. Yes there is anxiety and fears. There is confusion and a confession of the presence of true serious great challenges.
Thus we find them moving from these exercises to other exercises and from one drill to another. Indeed these have their financial, economic and psychological expenses. Staying in the atmosphere of maneuvers since 2006 until this very day influences economy, investment, the psychological and moral levels, tourism, immigration, counter immigration and the trust in the country and its capacities.
So the enemy finds itself obliged to benefit from the lessons of July 2006 War to undertake all these enormous military, security and civil maneuvers to fill the deep gaps which were manifested during July War.
This is what is called Turning Point 4. We are convening here and they are busy in Turning Point 4. The maneuvers dubbed Turning point 1,2,3 and 4 were staged following July 2006. They focus on the internal front – i.e. the Zionist home front: cities, towns and villages. This is the internal front. Israelis staged 4 maneuvers. Indeed no one in Lebanon did anything.
They staged four drills to say that when the internal front becomes subject to bombarding or is attacked how we would act. Still day after day more questions are added to the maneuvers plots which need to be addressed.
For example what we said in our prior speech posed new questions which necessitate new answers. At times you strike arbitrarily and at time you bomb definitively and reach and hit particular targets. At times the civilians and the great towns only are within the circle of targets, and at times that’s not the case: leadership centers, governmental headquarters, air bases, airports and ports are all within the circle of targets. This needs maneuvers, plots and new procedures to be taken by the enemy.
Now, why is Israel and for the first time in its ill-omened establishment over the land of occupied Palestine staging such maneuvers all over its entity for the first, second, third and forth year? Today the head of the Israeli internal front says: We are obliged to carry on such maneuvers and to cope with them sine die. Why? That’s to address the repercussions of July War. Israelis used always to stage aggressions and their internal front was secure. Remember in 1982 invasion. Our people were displaced, our villages demolished, our homes destroyed, Beirut the capital was shelled and besieged and the Israeli army occupying Lebanon. From the Palestinian-Lebanese border to the furthest point to the south of occupied Palestine, Israelis were living a normal, calm, gentle and secure life. The scene of 1982 has came to an end forever. After 2006, this came to an end. We have our internal front and they have their internal front. There is a new stage: We are bombarded, we bombard. We are being killed, we kill. We are displaced, we displace. We are confronted, we confront. Consequently, they have a true strategic problem and this is their essential point of weakness. Some days ago, the minister of the strategic structure – who was a previous chief of staff and considers himself a great theorist on the strategic level said: Yes we are a strong military power but we have a people who is pampered and fearful and is not able to offer sacrifices and not willing to tolerate. This is the internal front which has been protected in most of the previous confrontations and wars. This era came to an end. Today Israelis, through their maneuvers, procedures and trainings are trying to pacify their home front. They are trying to tell the Zionists that there are maneuvers; hence we are strong and steady. We are ready to confront any new war. Indeed they may dupe a great number of Zionists. Today there are polls which comment on the benefit of this level and size of maneuvers and their seriousness. Now stage maneuvers as many as you wish but when rockets start falling in any place in occupied Palestine, let’s see then what the maneuvers will result in.
They want to pacify the internal front and they mislead it at times. They talk about the Rocket Dome – the Iron Dome – saying they are ready to down rockets in the sky. This is still words. They haven’t so far been able to prove its feasibility to their people – as is well-known. What for was all this fuzz over the Scud – which I do not deny or confirm – raised? That was so the US Congress pay Israel 200 or 250 million dollars. Now America – which is facing a choking fiscal and economic crisis and suffering from enormous deficiency and whose budget official in the White House says: Do not find it strange if one day US was struck with what once struck Greece – still finds the money to furnish Israel with. So the point I want to reach is that there is no doubt – and I do not want to exaggerate – Israelis are really worried. They say the maneuvers are sheer lies. No! No! There is true anxiety in Israel. They are afraid of dashing into war. They are afraid of the results of war. That’s why – if you may notice with me – all Israeli statements and even in the past couple of days Netanyahu, Barak and all the others say ‘we want calmness in the north; we do not want war; we do not want to stage anything in the north.’ Indeed and unfortunately the talk about war by some people in Lebanon is more than in Israel. On the contrary Israeli officials are saying we do not want to make war with Lebanon and we do not want to attack them and we want calmness with Lebanon. Still some people in Lebanon every day say war is coming again and again to frighten the people in Lebanon for sure. However, internally the Israeli enemy was obliged besides the maneuvers to issue messages of calmness which aimed not to pacify the Lebanese or the Lebanese government or the people of the south but rather to pacify the people of Israel internally. A couple of days ago, statements and declarations were issued and meetings were held for the majors of the Zionist settlements in northern occupied Palestine. Internally also they started calling for pacifying and calming stances: Tell us is there war or not. So internally they are in a state of anxiety, fear and confusion. All Israeli statements are not for the sake of Lebanon but rather to pacify their people. So when they say that they are not thinking of starting a new war, where from then does this Israeli anxiety which we talk about and which really exists spring?
In brief it springs from the existence of the will of the resistance and the authenticity of the resistance. The will of the resistance is a broader and greater political, cultural, popular, military, security and field will. It springs from the existence of the will of the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria until reaching Iran. They know that this will exists. They know that on the other side there are those who are working, preparing, getting ready and standing by for a day to come. What makes them more worried in this formula is the rocket capacities which I will tackle in a while when tackling the speech of US Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton. That’s why we find the Israeli enemy at the time in which it stages maneuvers and exercises, it dispatches delegations to Russia, Europe, America, South Africa, Latin America and to every place in the world and offers allurements to impede these countries from selling arms to the resistance and opposition nations for fear these arms might reach the hands of the resistance. This is first. Second, the enemy is investing all its friendships and relations so that delegations come to our country and region and pressure Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinians so that we do not grow stronger and gain the will of power. This is in fact what thrusts Lebanon in the circle of accusation. Few days ago there was a clear and transparent speech for President Bashar Assad. I hope that the speeches of officials in general be as clear and transparent. He said that why does the world respect Syria and has interest in Syria? It’s very important that man be honest with himself and his people and say what he believes in. President Assad says that the world respects Syria and has interest in Syria because it supports the resistance – and that’s true indeed in Lebanon and in Palestine, the stance of the resistance and opposition in the region. As for Lebanon, the resistance exists in Lebanon and is present in Lebanon, on the land of Lebanon and in the field of Lebanon. Thus yes Lebanon is in the circle of interest. It was and is still more than any time in the past. That’s what I meant with my question a couple of days ago. Do you know that there are people with ill intentions in Lebanon? When I posed this question, it was not a question of protest. I was not objecting on all the delegations that come to Lebanon. Lebanon is a country of hospitality. It’s a country of generosity (But let them not be more generous than the people’s budgets). Lebanon is the country that welcomes its visitors and delegations. We have no problem in that. On the contrary, we are proud that our country – which is small in its geography and which possesses no oil or gas or gold or diamond mines – usually attracts visitors for its special geography. But this country could with its man and the peak of humanity of this man refuse humiliation and oppression and adhere to freedom, honor and sovereignty manifested in the resistance and resistance fighters.
I want to say that some Arab delegations come to Lebanon to offer help and show solidarity and express fraternal relations. However why do most of the foreign and some of the Arab delegations come to Lebanon? That’s because there is resistance in Lebanon. This is debatable. I do not impose my convictions on anyone. How do we know why they come to Lebanon? That’s by knowing what they talk about. See in Lebanon there are no secrets. What takes place in meetings is almost always reflected in the media. What do they talk about? They talk about rockets, Scud missiles, the Lebanese-Syria borders, arms smuggling, Resolution 1701, the situation on the border area, Hezbollah deputies, if anything took place in Gaza how is that reflected on the situation in Lebanon, if Israel staged an aggression on Syria what will happen, if Israel bombed the nuclear facilities in Iran what will take place…. All those who come to Lebanon come to be assured about Israel and not about Lebanon. They come to protect Israel and not to protect Lebanon. That’s why whenever the French Foreign Minister comes to Lebanon he invokes a problem and remains tensed. But thanks Allah in his last visit he was at ease because he was assured that no Scud missiles entered Lebanon. Yes that’s the truth.
However as long as it’s not known whether Scud entered Lebanon or not that another issue. However the French FM was assured. I am saying so to stress in the tenth anniversary of the Day of Resistance and Liberation that the essential strength of Lebanon is hidden here in this formula – the people-army-resistance formula – which we must safeguard. We must safeguard its content, sustain it and strengthen it to confront with it the challenges of the future. Allow me to say that whoever neglects this formula – the people-army-resistance formula – would be intentionally exposing Lebanon to the Israeli aggression.
Based on all what was said afore, I move to talking a little about the future. I say in the end of my word on the statue quo that our evaluation of the stance rules out very much that the Israeli enemy stage a war especially on Lebanon for all the above mentioned reason indeed.
As for the future, I find myself obliged to read a text with me because usually in our region some do not trust themselves, their people, their capacities and their God above all. They construct their minds and culture according to the western methodology. So if any of the resistance leaders, the scholars of the nation, its fighters or true learned men talk about definite issues, they ridicule them. For example if any of them said that Israel is heading towards a dead end and it has no horizons, they say what is this? If any of them talked about the beginning of the end of the state of Israel they say these are dreams and exaggerations – as was the case back in 1982. There are those who do not accept that Allah, his Prophet and His good servants are a plea on the people and rather America is a plea as far as they are concerned. So if the US administration or the US people said something else they are ready to accept that.
Some time ago, a conference which is held annually or periodically in the United States of America called AIPAC took place. It’s one of the most important Jewish conferences in the world. In this conference, the Zionist lobby in the United States convene. It’s a very influential meeting with a strategic dimension. US officials give speeches in this conference. Among this year’s speakers was Mrs. Clinton – the US Secretary of State. Usually the speech is well prepared and worked out carefully by all the apparatuses concerned in the US State Department because it is more about offering a US stance than about making compliments. In her speech, Clinton addressed the attending Zionist lobby saying what might be summarized as: Many believe that the statue quo might carry on as such. To some men of letters, authors and journalists in Lebanon and the Arab world, listen what your master is saying. This is a US depiction of the statue quo.) However the dynamics of demography, ideology – i.e. the political doctrine – and technology makes that impossible. So she is addressing the Jews saying there are three things that are developing in the region. Thus the existing situation is not apt to carry on. Israel can not carry on judaizing Al Qods, building settlements, besieging Gaza and threatening Lebanon, Syria and Iran. So first Clinton is talking about the demographic factor and it is clear that it will be a very influential element in the coming few years. She says that the demographic factor does not allow the establishment of a pure Jewish state on the land of occupied Palestine. So you are obliged of finding a way out. Then she moves to the political issue, the political doctrine or the ideology. Listen to Clinton’s speech and remember the Israeli speech that some Arabs had demanded on them not to pull out in 2000 and not to stop the war in 2006. Clinton says in this perspective: Second, We cannot be blind to the political implications of continued conflict. There is today truly a struggle, maybe for the first time, between those in the region who accept peace and coexistence with Israel and those who reject it. So she is saying that there are two axes in the region: a moderate axis and what she considers an extreme axis. She says also that if we carry on as such the moderate axis will become weaker and retreat because it can not make achievements to the people while the other axis will nurture a convincing logic to the people. This is the very logic of 2000 and 2006. Consequently the peoples of the region will find that the course of settlement is not making any achievements while the course of resistance is leading to the restoration of territories and captives, building strength, honor and invincibility and confusing the Israeli enemy. So instead of the Arab being a beggar, the Israeli is being so. With time the so-called moderation will retreat and become weaker (These are Clinton’s words). If now there are those who are willing to give concessions in the framework of a humiliating settlement for Israel, after years and with developments, Israel will not find in the region anyone who is ready to sign with it humiliating concessions or strike settlements with Israeli conditions. This is the political doctrine. So neither demography nor political developments which result from this doctrine are to the interest of Israel. What took place in 2000 established a new doctrine. The same applies to what took place in 2006. the Palestinian Intifada of 2000 also established this doctrine and the steadfastness of Gaza Strip established the doctrine of 2006. So there is a new political doctrine which is growing in the region and embarrassing the moderate axis which will find itself one day isolated, besieged or in the abyss.
Thirdly we come to technology. I will read the text literary: We must recognize that the ever-evolving technology of war is making it harder to guarantee Israel’s security. For six decades, Israelis have guarded their borders vigilantly. But advances in rocket technology mean that Israeli families are now at risk far from those borders. I will make some elaboration. Missile technology is neither complicated nor costly or difficult. It might be fabricated locally. We have in the Arab region masterminds. However that needs a political decision. So you are simply able to make a missile power which may establish a deterrence formula with the cost of ten Meg airplanes. So it’s not a costly, complicated or difficult process. All what you hear about patriots and the Iron Dome will not be effective against our missiles. The technological development today makes every town, settlement, facility, airport and port within the Zionist entity under threat. This means that the internal front in any war to come will be threatened and this is what Israelis cannot tolerate. So taking these factors into consideration, Clinton was trying to convince the Israelis to make haste and strike a settlement. When Israelis review the events of year 2000, they bite their fingers with remorse. They say if only we before 2000 had made an agreement with Syria and restored Golan heights to it. We would have then get rid of Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihad and all what is so called Resistance and also Iran. Yet we showed arrogance and did not make this settlement. Indeed this is their evaluation and review. Now they are being arrogant and here I am telling you: Because of their arrogance, tyranny and racism, they will show haughtiness until they will through themselves to the abyss Inshallah.
To intellectuals I say: This is Mrs. Clinton, the US Secretary of State. This is the US evaluation and not that of President Ahmedi Najjad or someone from Palestine or Lebanon. No! The Americans are telling the Jews openly and in public that if you don’t help us now and you do not help Barak Obama to make a settlement, a pure Jewish state will never exist. It is a threatened state and every place in it is threatened. If now you may find whom is ready to make a settlement with you, in the future you will never find anyone to strike a deal with. So you are heading to the abyss and to destruction. We believe in this future that Clinton was talking about. So there is what we agree on after all. Yes we accept that this will be the future to which Israel is heading with its arrogance, racism and tyranny.
Based on all what I said afore – on the lessons drawn from May 25, 2000, on the evaluation of the statue quo and this viewpoint of the future, what shall we do?
We must be committed to the following position: After trusting in Allah Al Mighty and seeking His support and assistance, (indeed the position is never and not for one moment in our intellect, culture and program withdrawing or showing humiliation, weakness or feebleness or saying let’s go and beg for anything from the whole world) our position is that we – all the Lebanese – be convinced that we are protecting our country with the might of our children, the will of our people and our national sovereign and free decision. That’s how we protect our country. We must have good relations and the Lebanese government and the Lebanese state are making all necessary contacts to push away any danger Lebanon might be subject to. We are not criticizing that, but if we do something is one case, and if we bet on something is another case. It’s not demanded that we bet on contacts but there is no objection on making contacts. It’s good to do everything which protects the country locally, regionally and on the Arab, Islamic and international levels. So why shouldn’t we do that? The government and the political forces assume that because our aim is to ‘eat grapes and not to mark on the guard of the vineyards’. We want to protect our country and be a stable, secure, calm, honorable and prideful people. That’s what we want. Yes there are various means but the true bargain is on our national capability to defend and confront in the battlefield. When you are strong the world respects you, hold talks with you and takes you into consideration. When you are strong you protect yourself and your country. When you are strong you may impose formulae. When you are strong you may impose conditions. When you are weak you are engulfed. This is not a world that respects the rights of human beings and their sufferings and pains. In many places around the world, hundreds of thousands and even millions are being killed. Still no one intervenes or makes a move. However when you are strong and capable of confronting the enemy which the whole world has interest in, then the world will take you into consideration. For example, I do not know and am not acquainted with the nature of meeting or talks that took place between the Russian President – though Russia is trying to play a rational role – and brethren Khaled Mashaal, Abu Walid the Head of Hamas Politburo when they met in Damascus. Truly I do not know but I am sure that the primary topic in the meeting was (the Israeli soldier Gilaad) Shaleet. That’s because when they used to come to Lebanon they used to ask about the prisoners of Israel. As for thousands of Palestinian detainees, it’s we who are to ask about them while the whole world does not evoke their case. No one talks about our security, captives, martyrs, territories, honor, pride and the anxiety of our people while the whole world has interest in the remains of an Israel soldier and is searching for it.
In fact, we must possess such a power which is today available through this formula which we established nationally. Let’s resort to experts and there are many in the country and the region: for example, the successive heads of the Lebanese army who know the army, the country, the geography, the demography, the enemy and the field. We have in chronological order: General Michael Aoun – a former head of the army – General Emile Lahhoud – a former head of army – (and I am not talking about presidents) General Michael Suleiman – a former head of army and General Jan Kahwaji – a current head of army. Listen to what the heads of the army say about how we may protect the country. The case is not that of speeches and biddings. We have a country which we want to protect and defend.
In this framework, we will carry on in our readiness and preparations. Our readiness does not come to an end at any time or limits because we can’t talk about the materialistic considerations. There is a balance of deterrence and a balance of fear the reasons behind which is not materialistic. It has other reasons besides arms and which we usually talk about. However after all we are also concerned in abiding to the true points of strength besides the power of faith and the moral power. We must adhere to the elements of materialistic strength. Thus there are things which we must tell the Israelis and others which we must conceal from them. Be sure that I will never say what I am not supposed to say. Nobody else will say it and there will always be surprises in the time of war. And when we talk it is not with the aim of making headlines. We are fed of that. It is rather part of the war between us and the Israelis. Today there is psychological war. They carry on drills, film them and broadcast them to tell the Lebanese: Be afraid. We may do things which we are able to do and announce them to tell the Israelis to be afraid. Thus I will not reveal a new weapon but rather I will express a new will. If the war, which we do not want, yet we are not afraid or scared of, broke out, it will change the face of this region – and Mrs. Clinton agrees with me and not with her group who are in the region.

We previously said that the Israeli internal front has become exposed and vulnerable, praise be to Allah. We know everything about it. Where we are to strike? What are the points of weaknesses and points of strength in the internal front? We talked about the terrain and the land. We said an airport for an airport, a port for a port, a city for a city, a building for a building, a power station for a power station, a factory for a factory… Today we add the following. In 2006, and even before that date, there were times when the Israelis used to besiege our shores and prevent any ship from reaching the Lebanese shores. Israeli vessels used to deploy in the sea in the international waters. Indeed in 2006, they ran away from the regional waters to the international waters. Indeed they may be present in the international waters and besiege the Lebanese shores and ports. Indeed the aim behind all what I am saying is that the Israelis will dedicate themselves fully to examine and fully consider this, stage maneuvers and put plans for that. The last time we said that the resistance is able to hit its targets decisively. So they had a whole new thing to think about. Where are they to set their leaderships? So it’s not only we who are searching for places. They are searching for abodes as well. That’s how things go!
As far as the sea is concerned, today we add the sea to the terrain. I am not announcing that we possess a new weapon because we have used land-sea missiles and destroyed Saar 5 military vessel though Israelis denied that then acknowledged it being targeted but not completely destroyed. The strike was massive what led the vessel to be out of order for a long period of time and they acknowledged that a number of soldiers were killed and wounded though the vessel is a military vessel and its resistance capacity to such missiles is high. What I want to say indeed is not that the resistance will send vessels to the international waters to block the way before any vessels heading towards the ports of occupied Palestine. I rather wanted to add a new formula to the airport-airport and port-port formula. Here I am telling them: In any coming war you want to launch against Lebanon, if you besiege our shore and our ports, all military and commercial ships heading towards the ports of Palestine along the Mediterranean Sea will be under the fire of the Islamic Resistance. We are talking about the Mediterranean but we have not mentioned the Red Sea yet.
We are ready Inshallah to target and hit these ships which will be heading to any port along the Palestinian shore from the north to the far south. We are determined to enter this new domain Inshallah in any confrontation in which they besiege our shore. When the whole world would witness the destruction of these ships in the international waters of occupied Palestine, no one will dare sail there. There is another point which we might think of. If a ship was leaving occupied Palestine with people on board, we will let it pass.
However before, along and after arms, the real factor of strength is you – this people and these men, women, young and old. It’s these faithful minds, brave hearts, firm wills and unyielding determinations. It’s these souls who are willing to offer sacrifices hence they refuse humiliation and disgrace. The value of such weapon is that its in the hands of those men. The value of these men is that they are from the loins and wombs of this people. The value of this weapon and these men is that there are those who embrace them, believe in them, love them, defend them, protect them, trust them and bet on them or else place all such weapons in another place in the world, I do not know what might be the result. The bargain is on the forearms which hold these weapons which places and secrecy are preserved with most caution. The bargain is on the feet steady on earth. They bargained on the air force which we tried during the 33-day-aggression. Today there is nothing that frighten us and there must not be anything that scare us.
Now what do they have and what do we have? They came with Ashkenazi. Well let’s go back to 2000. Who was the head of the northern area who was defeated in 2000 and led the fleeing operation from Lebanon. It’s General Gabi Ashkenazi. Is he your hero? Who is your hero? Barak? Well is it that Hallotz is not bright while Barak is? Well it’s he who was the head of the cabinet who took the decision of fleeing from Lebanon. Is Netanyahu your hero? He has been the head of the cabinet for the last three years when the resistance was at its peak and he reached a deadlock. He was so coward that he could not even take the decision of withdrawing because he was afraid of the military. This is Israel. What’s there in Israel? These are its men, leaders and masterminds. Are our leaders, masterminds, elites and generals less than theirs? In fact there is no place for comparison. The same applies to our people and theirs. I challenge Israel if it may get one scene for one of the fighters in the resistance crying or lamenting like children. However we have films for their soldiers. They have arms! Yes. However their weapons used to be a source of fear but not any more because our hearts have become fearless.
I wrap up today saying let’s flip the picture around. Why should we remain in the defensive side? On the psychological level, Lebanon is afraid and needs to be pacified. No let Israel be frightened and let it go and search for those who may reassure it. I do not want to pacify Israel and it is not demanded that we pacify it. When Israel feels pacified it attacks, while when it is frightened it retreats. So it is demanded that Israel be scared. As for Lebanon, no one is supposed to frighten it by war. Allow me to say to those who always talk about war and call for eradicating the reason which is the arms of the resistance to take a break because that is fruitless. The resistance and its strategic presence in the formula has transcended such rhetoric and considerations. Today the enemy is afraid. Let it remain so, and we will keep it as such.
Here I am telling you on the tenth anniversary of the victory of your blood on their swords: Be reassured, serene and confident. This enemy will not dare easily do anything. I am not absolutely denying, but it is not as they say. All formulae and considerations have changed. It is the enemy who is supposed to remain frightened and scared. However in addition to setting this state of fear among the enemy we must not only be in a state of no fear but also in a state of readiness, certainty, faith and confidence in victory. Yes we shall confront the next war, gain victory and change the face of this region Inshallah.
Congratulations on the Day of Victory and Liberation, the day of the resistance, honor and the promising future. May Allah have mercy on your martyrs, cure your wounded, free the remaining captives and grant you victory over your enemy. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.