Nasrallah on Saudi

January 4, 2016

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‪#‎Nasrallah‬‘s speech on January 3

From Rania Masri:

Please note: this is a quick, unedited translation of his speech. This is NOT a word-for-word translation. This is merely a service so that others can follow the heart and spirit of his speech.

– He extended sympathies to the family of Sheikh Nimr and to the family of Sheikh Khatoum who has also recently died – of natural causes
– He spoke about the history of Sheikh Khartoum [which I did not translate]

[Then he spoke about the execution of Sheikh Nimr el Nimr]

– in the land that was improperly called Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, – a land that is named after a family!, a family that forced itself upon the people of the land (in Arabic, it is called ‘the Arab island’) by massacres and terrorism, and this is what is written in the history books. Instead, with English money – the family was imposed upon the people
– This is not an issue of Shi’ite vs Sunni
– In that kingdom, it is illegal to discuss.
– So we today are facing horrific event – Al Saoud (the Saudi family) executed a Sheikh Nimr Nimr and thought that the event would pass easily; not at all.
– First: why did they execute him?What was his crime? I don’t know the others who were executed; I don’t want to speak about them. But they executed him among others. What was his crime? Has the Saudi Court System was able to prove that Sheikh Nimr carried weapons or built an armed group or called for armed resurrection? All that he spoke about was nonviolence. The least that can be said about him is that he was a courageous man. He was saying that the people of the Arab Island have the right to choose their leaders, and have the right to their natural resources, and was calling for these rights openly and courageously. Whoever speaks, is executed. Whoever discusses, is executed. Who is this – the Saudi Arabia that wants to spread democracy and human rights in the region. [people watching the speech chanted ‘death to al-saud’] Did Nimr ask for the partition of the country? No. Even when prodded and encouraged by the US – he refused to support the partition of the country. He was killed for his patriotism.
– Second: why the insistence on the execution and why now? Over the past few years, there were countries and agencies and religious authorities that have appealed for a pardon or for not implementing the death penalty against him. So why now? They could have pardoned. There were still some people who were hoping for a rational and moderate approach by the Al_Saud family, that this regime might be open to a political dialogue – with Yemen, with Iran, with Syria, with Libya, with Bahrain. They still had hope that this regime would open the door to end the dangerous destructive policies in the region. This execution came as a surprise (but not a surprise to me personally). The execution is a message to the Arab and Islamic world – in blood. The message is: the Saudi regime does not care about the Islamic world or the Islamic public opinion or international public opinion. Nor does it care about friends and allies that have appealed to him. Nor about the millions of people who will be hurt by this execution. Not only does it execute the Sheikh but it also forbids the family from taking his body after execution! The message is that anyone who criticizes us as Al-Saud will be killed. They say: we are a regime that says either you live in our kingdom as sheep or you will be killed as sheep. the message says to all who are patient and hopeful and rational – no to patience, no to rationale – but yes to more wars and more bloodshed. this message shows the real face of Saudi – the murderous, terrorist, takfiri face of Saud, and it does this every day, as it has done so for the past 10 months in Yemen! The objective of the Saudi war on Yemen is destruction and revenge – because in Yemen there were those who said no to Al-Saud! It is not a political objective against Yemen – but mere desire for revenge and hatred.
– Third: The responsibility. Al-Saud want a division between Sunni and Shi’ite and they are working to create such divisions everywhere in the world! (1) When Sunni religious leaders criticize this execution, they are doing something historic and important. (2) Also – we need to tell the Shi’ite – they need to be careful and not transform this execution into a Sunni-Shi’ite division. Al-Saud were the ones that killed the martyr Sheikh Nimr el Nimr. Period. Taking this execution into an attack against Sunni would be a betrayal to Sheikh Nimr el Nimr! People need to be careful not to fulfill the objectives of the killers. (3) We need to tell the world the truth. Hasn’t it become time for all the news sites and agencies to tell the truth that Sheikh Nimr el Nimr was saying? Isn’t it time to tell the truth in the face of this regime that is destroying Islam? Isn’t it time to tell the world that the foundation of the takfiri thought that is committing massacres against Christians and Muslims is from this family and this regime?! Why should it not be spoken? The books that ISIS are teaching are the same books that Al-Saud teaches. It is the same actions. Isn’t it time to tell the world that these terrorist takfiri groups are but agencies and that the one that supports these groups fully is AL-Saud? Isn’t it time to tell the world that there is a land called Arab Island that was named falsely and criminally the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and there is an oppressed people that is being ruled by criminals, as if they were the prophets themselves? Isn’t it time that this regime be named among the terrorist criminal regimes? Why is the world going after the tail and forgetting the head — the father and mother of terrorist and takfiri regimes? Isn’t it time to speak how the regime has supported US and UK and Israel over decades? Yes, the most important response to the execution is to carry this responsibility – to tell the truth! He was killed because he was speaking the truth with courage. It is the responsibility of the islamic world as a whole to speak the truth that he spoke. Al Saud cannot kill everyone. This counterfeit has to end. Buying blood with money has to stop.
– Ten months ago,when I spoke about Yemen and expressed my opinion. The next day, in Saudi press – there were articles written that my son, the martyr Hadi, was not killed in resistance but was killed in a cabaret in Beirut. We are facing people at such a low level. Their children are always in the cabarets – our children die in the battlefield facing Israel.
– I say: I have decided on the execution of the martyr Sheikh Nirm el Nimr – that the response should be to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. This execution shall be the end of this regime!
– A final statement – it has been two weeks on the martyrdom of Samir el Quntar. They – the Israelis – are afraid and we are willing. They should be afraid and they should hide. In any event, we are waiting.