Muhammad from Gaza on Still Alive Dead Poets

May 27, 2015

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Israeli F-16s and drones periodically invade Gaza’s airspace.  Since this past Sunday, they have entered in large numbers at a very low altitude, making terrible noise and terrifying those who have bad memories from Operation Protective Edge.

Last night a rocket was fired from the vicinity of Gaza City. Israel announced that it had fallen in an empty area causing no damage.  Hamas denied responsibility, called on everyone to exercise self-control, and evacuated the security centers.

Most Gazans decided to stay awake and await the inevitable Israeli “retaliation.”  It took 4-5 hours until the airstrikes started all around the strip.  The remarkable thing is, none of the airstrikes targeted the area ​from ​where the rocket had been launched.

The first two airstrikes targeted an empty area nearby the old inoperative airport in Rafah. Then, five more airstrikes targeted the Mohajer site in Khan Yunis, which belongs to Islamic Jihad’s armed wing Saraia Al-Quds; then another three airstrikes targeted the Heteen site, also belonging to Saraia; and then three more airstrikes on another Saraia site in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza.  Ambulances rushed to the targeted sites, but the Ministry of Health reported later that no one was injured or killed.

Most people have grown inured to the periodic bombardments.  I enjoyed my popcorn and glass of mango juice while watching ​the ​Robin Willams​ film​ movie, Dead Poets Society.

​Although I fancy myself a poet, I am not dead, yet.​