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January 12, 2009

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The Sunday Edition

01.11.2009 | CBC
By Michael Enright

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Israel to Gazans; topple Hamas…or die

Near the end of an interview on CBC’s ‘Sunday Edition’ 01/11/2009, Yossi Klein Halevi, Senior Fellow at the Shalem Centre’s Institute for Zionist History and Thought, had this to say;

“I would hope there would be the beginning of an internal process among the Palestinians, asking themselves if it is worth trusting a movement that promises us death, that promotes a culture of death, that celebrates martyrdom and suicide. LOOK AROUND THE RUINS TODAY IN GAZA. THIS IS WHERE THE IDEOLOGY OF HAMAS WILL LEAD THE PALESTINIANS(emphasis mine) ”

The remarks went unchallenged by the program’s host.

They are located about 18:30 into the program, should people wish to listen for themselves;

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