MICHAEL CHETKOF, ALLYSON BURGER: The Weapon Blackmailers Dread Most (Truth)

August 25, 2017

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Finkelstein comments:  This Open Letter was sent to attorneys Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger on August 16.  If racist blackmailers appall you as much as they do me, you can register your indignation here:​


​Michael Chetkof: ​

​Allyson Burger: ​



The Weapon Blackmailers Dread Most (Truth)


We are fast approaching a second Moment of Truth, even as the first one has yet to play itself out.


If you Google Allyson Burger Esq, my post, “Michael Chetkof, Allyson Burger: STOP THE BLACKMAIL!,” is on the first page.


If you Google Michael Chetkof attorney, my post is on the second page.


Inside of one week, my post will be the first listing on the first page for each of your names.


Once my article is published, your diminutive Mineola matrimonial firm will get more hits than Disney World.


I want to set you straight on one point:


You will never stop me.


For 16 months my soul was muffled, my mouth was muzzled, and my hands were manacled by the robotic mechanics of the Court of Law.


For 16 months I sat helpless and horrified as Dr… fell victim to a criminal juggernaut born of lies, swaddled in blackmail, and propelled by greed.


But now I am in my element: the Court of Public Opinion.


Your hitherto unstoppable force has crashed up against a titanium wall.


Literally tens of millions of people around the world swear by my name.


The adulation mortifies me; I don’t deserve it.


But it’s there; it’s a fact.


I earned it in the course of a lifetime of not deviating a jot from Truth, and fighting tirelessly for Justice.


Fame and fortune, power and privilege: they leave me cold.


Indeed, I paid a steep professional price as I held fast to my convictions.


You cannot buy me and you cannot scare me.




If you so much as lay a single finger on me, or pluck a single hair from my scalp;


If you browbeat me with a lawsuit, or intimidate me with prison:


You will be hit by a tsunami on the Web the likes of which you can’t even conceive.


From the inception of your Criminal Enterprise, I warned you:


Lies have consequences.


But either oblivious, ignorant, or contemptuous of the Power of Truth, you proceeded to crucify Dr….


You concocted a hideous Big Lie that Dr… committed “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence.”


Your depraved mind conjured a talisman to immunize you from Truth:


Just cry “Abuse!” “Abuse!” “Abuse!”


In your perverted racist imagination, Dr… was an easy prey: he was a Little Indian Boy while his lawyer was another Shiftless Black Man.*


But you got so carried away by your hubris that you churned out Court papers, and your client delivered sworn Court testimony, so riddled by flagrant contradictions and brazen falsehoods, as to leave a reader bewildered that such an incompetent ignoramus could be practicing law.


I know the Court record inside out.


I cite chapter and verse in my forthcoming article.


In the Court of Public Opinion, you will be hoisted by your own petard, as your professional and personal reputation spirals downward into the abyss.


We stand now at a crossroads:


You can retrace your steps back to the fateful day when our paths converged, or you can march headlong over the precipice.


You can climb aboard H. G. Wells’ Time Machine, transporting all of us back to April 24, 2016 (i.e., the day before the blackmail began), or, like Huckleberry Finn, you can bear witness to your own (reputational) funeral as the wretched story of your Dastardly Escapade is revealed to the world.


You can materially undo the past sixteen months, or you can let the past sixteen months materially undo you. 

Think hard.

Ponder it well.

I have nothing to lose.

Truth is my sword and escutcheon.

But you have EVERYTHING to lose.


* ​ Burger played off the stereotype of the predatory dark-complected male and the Muslim wife-beater (Dr… is half Muslim), in order to both prejudice the Court against Dr… and publicly demean and degrade him. Whenever Burger found a pretext in the Courthouse as Dr… was in the vicinity, she would shout to the Court officer in everyone’s earshot, “There is an Order of Protection against him!” The Wild Beast against whom Burger alerted the Courthouse stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall.  Dr… suffered multiple wounds of humiliation from Burger’s racist outbursts.

Burger also exploited the compound stereotype of the shiftless and predatory Black male against the attorney defending Dr…. In Court papers and in her trial remarks, Burger repeatedly depicted the attorney (who is from Jamaica) as chronically late for meetings and chronically late in submitting papers.  In fact, I can personally attest that this was a grotesque falsehood.  Burger loudly accused the attorney of “abuse” in the Courthouse, even as the Court officer who witnessed the (non-)incident shook his head in disbelief at her fabrication.  In real life, the attorney, although physically robust, is gentle as a lamb.