Michael Chetkof, Allyson Burger: Stop the lying racist Nazi blackmailers!

September 5, 2017

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Finkelstein comments: Today I attempted to leaflet outside the law offices of Chetkof and Burger.  They called the police on me.  Matrimonial lawyers are a harder nut to crack than the Nazi SS.  But of course, I will not be deterred.  

letter 2

Finkelstein’s Response:​


1) I am in receipt of your “cease and desist” letter;

2) The first sentence is illiterate (did Allyson Burger write the letter?);

3) I already repeatedly informed you that I would cease communication with recipients of my emails upon request;

4) I already repeatedly informed you that I would correct factual errors in my postings.  To date, you have yet to identify a single “patently false and knowingly made-up” statement.

5) If my “threats are…violative of the law,” you should take me to court;

6) If I have engaged in “defamatory behavior,” you should take me to court;

7) I do not make “threats”–I always act on my word;

8) If my statements are “vile,” that’s because your actions are vile: to quote Diego Rivera, “I paint what I see.”


This will be my last formal communication with your law firm.  (If a member of the law firm wants to contact me privately, I will be receptive and respect their privacy.)


Visitors to my website might, however, want to express their feelings about lying racist Nazi blackmailers.  They should write:

Michael Chetkof:

Allyson Burger: