#METOO! I Smacked a Soldier Today!

December 22, 2017

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#METOO!  I Smacked a Soldier Today!
Gandhi Says a Woman Who Smacks Her Attacker is Not Committing Violence
When a woman is faced by a maniac, what is she to do?  . . .  In her rage she will slap him . . .  That is to say, the woman will use all her physical strength.  Will that not constitute violence? . . . In a situation like [this], slapping or scratching, if the occasion demands it, does not constitute violence.  The trust of a woman who slaps is not in the slap, her trust is in God  . . .  Her expression is not an expression of violence, only of her opposition . . .  Her anger, her alarm, proclaims for herself as well as for the man her preparedness to die . . . Instead of feeling helpless and scared, she should say to herself: “I shall offer up my body and life, but shall not become a coward.”  Her slap or scratching indicates this resolve.  It is in itself non-violence.  She has no strength to cause harm.  Hence her act is not violence.
Mahatma Gandhi, “What Women Should Do in a Difficult Situation,”  Collected Works, 4 September 1932