June 20, 2011

In News

Yale Political Union Update


These facts have recently come to my attention:


(1 (1)  Stephen Marsh’s statement that he had already booked another person for September 20 was a flat-out lie;


(2  (2)  It was Speaker of the Yale Political Union Yishai Schwartz ( who browbeat the other members of the Union into rescinding my invitation.  Schwartz does not deny this.  In the Yale Daily News last October, Yishai had this to say about me in an article titled: “Schwartz: Defining legitimate dialogue.”


“Earlier this year, SJP at Yale chose to invite Jared Maslin, a journalist who welcomed Palestinian terror as “productive, bottom-up pressure” and devoted his entire lecture to the vilification of Israel. More recently, they invited Dr. Norman Finkelstein, a notorious anti-Semite who minimizes the Holocaust, supports Hezbollah, equates Israelis with Nazis, and says that “the U.S. qualifies as the main terrorist government in the world today.” These speakers are profoundly and indisputably hateful, and I can only hope that they do not accurately reflect the organization that brought them here. “


It’s a singular notion of the marketplace of ideas whereby you get to slander your opponents and then prevent them from responding.