Mamilla Cemetary: What we can do

March 16, 2010

In News The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Mamilla Cemetery is the oldest and most distinguished Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem. After years of neglect since the establishment of Israel, the pro-Zionist organization, The Simon Wiesenthal Center (a US tax-exempt organization), and the Israeli Government are constructing a cynically named “Museum of Tolerance” on the site, thereby desecrating the sanctity of a cemetery. Worse yet, even when alternative sites were offered, the SWC refused. The egregiousness and the insulting nature of this assault transcends across Muslims, Jews, Christians and all others who desire to respect to their ancestors and the deceased.

Please help by signing the petition at and spread the word. We want to get as many signatures in, especially before the petition is discussed at the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 22 in Geneva.