Look out, Kanye West!

October 28, 2013

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Every time I’m writing, 

It’s like I’m being hit with lightning, 
It smites me, 
My pen turns into a sword.
I need to slay these raps 
Because they turn into dwarves, 
The kingdom called hip hop is going to war, 
And I lure my catapult of bars which you endure, 
Rap at its finest living inside of my core, 
I can never lose 
The rawest kid hits the floor and pours out syllables 
So fly they start to soar, 
But what do you use to kill all of them tracks? 
Good question, I use my g2 battle axe, 
Interesting fact I will never be whack, 
What am I sayin? 
You already knew that, 
Verse 2 is coming up so stay stay intact, 
Right now here’s a chorus and we’ll be right back.
It’s like hip hop generations 
Their all different nations 
Even aliens in space ships, 
From centuries to decades 
This style type of music will never fade,
Hip hop generations.My mind is like my mother board

You can’t even touch my cord 
With my with my raybeams and my lazers, 
Tazer all of these haters, 
Zap all them traitors, 
I was programmed to annihilate rhymes, 
Destroy all of the most complicated lined, 
But I never overload when I am in the zone, 
I switch on destructive mode, 
Code R-2-D-2-7 rocket launchers so powerful 
I can blow up hell and heaven,
A microphone built inside of me, 
A pen installed in the side, 
Notepad in right of me 
Call it what you want 
But I call it heavy artillery.