Link TV Special: Norman Finkelstein – A Matter of Justice

March 14, 2012

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Special: Norman Finkelstein – A Matter of Justice

In his thirty years of involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict, Norman Finkelstein has attracted both ardent supporters and outraged opponents. Now, hear him speak in his own words on the conflict that’s dominated his life.


In this Link TV original presenation, you’ll hear Dr. Finkelstein speak out in support of a two state solution — and how he thinks it can be won. What will it take to acheive a lasting peace in Israel and Palestine? How does America fit into this mideast puzzle? Find out as Link TV presents, Norman Finkelstein – A Matter of Justice.

The¬†upcoming airtimes of Norman Finkelstein’s lecture “A Matter of Justice” at Link TV, Eastern Standard Time:

Thursday, March 15th
11:00 pm

Sunday, March 18th
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Wednesday, March 21st
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Friday, March 23rd
07:00 pm

Saturday, March 24th
04:30 am