Letters from a British Expat Living in Vietnam (Part 1 of 4)

August 7, 2015

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3rd Aug 2015  

Dear Doc,


It is only of late that I have come across your erudite personage and while I take on board your comment, “don’t put me on a pedestal, I suffer from galloping vertigo,” (or at least I think that was the gist of it), I must say that I find you a man of most admirable intellect; a thing entirely lacking in mine own ‘ivory from the neck-up’ self, I am pleased to acknowledge. Many people are given a good education when they are children; I was given the measles and sent to English boarding schools and thus rather gained an education in life-skills and being able to shoot people, followed by the attaining of three degrees. I’m a Caucasian but prefer my skirts on the darker side, their ability to sing being a positive plus and they still send me little missives every now and again asking when they might see me again ~ I never reply of course.


On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, may I first of all point out that I am no “anti-Jew,” nor do I have any tendencies towards Holocaust denial; far from it, some of my immediate family were witness to both the times during, and in the immediate aftermath, as members of the British armed forces there at those times. I also welcome revisionism, the intelligent designed (David Irving et similia) and the more moronic; let’s face it, without them the whole issue might have descended into the realms of the intelligentsia only, so at least they keep the subject alive in the minds of the huddled and unwashed masses.


Cheers ~ ‘ter, (the symbiotic sexist and munificent misogynist)*



*’ter is an Englishman languishing as a lotus eater in the Far East and has done, as he says “for far too long.” His education to tertiary level was all conducted in the UK and the Lawyer of his father’s estate is still sending him letters in a vein attempt to recoup the fees. Further post, post graduate academic achievements after that were achieved in many bars around the world. As he has admitted himself, “Yes indeed, I pay for all my qualifications, although I usually pay at the end of the month. I have to, if not they won’t serve me.” He claims twelve disciplines of work but some of his contemporaries have said that he’s a Roman Catholic and thinks he’s one of the Apostles. In his late 50’s, he has spent over 30 years in the Oil, Gas and associated industries and now finds himself facing the greatest challenge of his life. His 3 year old Granddaughter has recently completed both her pre-nursery and nursery school years and her school homework is now beyond his educational capabilities. ‘ters ambition in life is just to lie down and let life pass him by and as he once remarked to a member of the British Royal Family, “what do I do? You want to know what I do? The same as you, sod all; and I’m damned good