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July 16, 2011

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From: Scott Roberts <>

Date: Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 1:54 AM

Subject: RE: There were no more than 2 million Jews in all of Europe during the war. And not many more than that in the entire world….

Finkelstein is just a lying piece of shit Jew who is attempting to lead the dissent.  I’ve exposed him many times already, but my doing so was hardly even necessary.
I’m pretty sure there’s a video in the following thread where he is screaming and yelling a bunch of bullshit on the “Holocasut”:

He’s here to criticize the Israeli’s (as IF we need a Jew to tell us how wrong these scumbags in Israel are), but to make sure that the “Goyim” fail to connect the Jewish dots around the globe.  IF only the Jewish problem existed only within the borders of Palestine the world would be a MUCH better place.

Fact is, we are ALL enslaved to the Jewish financial system, we are ALL being poisoned by the “Kosher” conspiracy (those aren’t “Nazi” symbols on our food:, we are ALL brainwashed by their media monopoly (some of us more so than others), and we are ALL being deceived by the likes of “Finkelstein”, “Kapner”, and a whole list of biological Jews who are right there to lead the dissent.   Trying to convince us that there are “just a few bad apples” in the Jewish bunch, while doing his best to make sure we fail to put the Jewish dots together and step back to see the big picture.

Personally, I’d have more respect for a Jew who simply told me to “fuck off”, while admitting their control, than a lying, back stabbing, cowardly little “man” like Finkelstein insulting my intelligence with the usual Jew tricks.