Letter from a correspondent

June 9, 2014

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I read the piece you recently posted about Egypt on your website.  It is very significant. 
 I thought  about your remarks on culture when I received Survival International news ( )  a few minutes ago.  Years ago, as you said, we were taught that the dress of indigenous peoples in the warm climates was based on primitive ignorance.  But, when “civilized” people walk around in g-string outfits, little speedo suits, etc. and display their sexual prowess in public – that is a sign of our open and free society.  When Muslims cover their bodies for a variety of reasons, that, too, is considered the expression of a backward culture that we should fear.  
But, who are  the “backward” ones?
A few months ago, I was talking to my friend about this subject.  I said to her “Can you imagine how “they” must see “us” and how strange and terrifying many aspects of our society must seem?  Just look at the primitive programs on our television sets- if you were in a traditional culture, wouldn’t you be afraid of a culture that highlights, for example, the life of Anna Nicole Smith?  How about the American Duck Dynasty?   I am more scared of them than any “Taliban”, for goodness sakes!!  
Here is a joke I like told to me by an African friend :   A young man from a small community in Africa is elated because he has just received notice that he is accepted into a university in the U.S.  When he tells his grandmother, she becomes very concerned and says – My son, that is good news, but you MUST be very careful – it is a JUNGLE over there…
Anyway, thanks for your piece on Egypt, which is meaningful and instructive on so many levels.  I am going to share it with others.