Letter from a Baltimore correspondent

May 23, 2018

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In Maryland, the Palestine support movement is now deeply entangled in ongoing legislative battles with both our state and federal government representatives over anti-bds legislation.
Meanwhile, a world away, besieged Palestinians in Gaza are literally dying before our eyes.   The blockade, the toxic environment, the vicious assaults…on and on it goes…
If Gaza is dying, what about the movement to help them?  Is it dying, too, now that we find ourselves lost in the legislative maze, fighting for our own freedom to boycott? 
What should we do now?  Perhaps it would be wise to put the bds doctrine aside for the time being in order to redirect our efforts.  If we do that and demand an immediate end to the siege and push for a fact-finding mission to Gaza by members of Congress, interfaith leaders, humanitarian organizations, medical personnel, etc., we may make some progress.
Gazans are seizing the time, of which they have little to spare.  Perhaps we should too.