February 19, 2021

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Finkelstein comments: After the Civil War, a debate ensued in the United States whether to grant newly emancipated slaves the right to vote.  Here’s an excerpt from a speech delivered in Congress by one of the leading Abolitionists of the day, Thaddeus Stevens.  Substitute “Jewish” for “white” and you capture the supremacist essence of Jewish defenders of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel:
Governor Perry of South Carolina and other provisional governors and orators proclaim that “this is the white man’s government.” . . Demagogues of all parties, even some high in authority, gravely shout, ‘this is the white man’s government.’ What is implied by this? That one race of men are to have the exclusive rights forever to rule this nation, and to exercise all acts of sovereignty, while all other races and nations and colors are to be their subjects, and have no voice in making the laws and choosing the rulers by whom they are to be governed. . . . Our fathers repudiated the whole doctrine of the legal superiority of families or races, and proclaimed the equality of men before the law. Upon that they created a revolution and built the Republic. They were prevented by slavery from perfecting the superstructure whose foundation they had thus broadly laid. For the sake of the Union they consented to wait, but never relinquished the idea of its final completion. The time to which they looked forward with anxiety has come. It is our duty to complete their work. If this Republic is not now made to stand on their great principles, it has no honest foundation, and the Father of all men will still shake it to its center. If we have not yet been sufficiently scourged for our national sin to teach us to do justice to all God’s creatures, without distinction of race or color, we must expect the still more heavy vengeance of an offended Father. . . . This is not a white man’s Government, in the exclusive sense in which it is used. To say so is political blasphemy, for it violates the fundamental principles of our gospel of liberty. This is Man’s Government, the Government of all men alike; not that all men will have equal power and sway within it. Accidental circumstances, natural and acquired endowment and ability, will vary their fortunes. But equal rights to all the privileges of the Government is innate in every immortal being, no matter what the shape or color of the tabernacle which it inhabits. . . . Sir, this doctrine of a white man’s Government is as atrocious as the infamous sentiment that damned the late Chief Justice [who ruled that Black people had no rights that white people were bound to defend] to everlasting fame; and, I fear, to everlasting fire.