Lebanese expatriate returns home

December 9, 2009

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Hi Norm ,

How are you how is your health ? Is your “Gaza ” book out yet ?

Things are very strange here in Lebanon Norm …Very strange indeed ….It seemed that I was living in a self-made bubble all these years and my short trips to my homeland were very alluding and misleading …

Most women here are into major plastic surgeries and most men are after power and women ….

Many political talk-shows have become sooo boring with people regurgitating the same all stories and others just talking as if they are on Lala land …

Many people have deserted their beliefs and convictions about freedom and dignity ….I don’t know how to express this but I can see greed in their eyes and their love for money …Rarely you can find some who are concerned about what is happening to the well-being of the unprivileged Lebanese or the oppressed Palestinians living in Lebanon …It is freaking cold here …I just can’t imagine how they are warming themselves with the price of fuel and gaz increasing as I write ….

When Sayed Hassan mentioned the rights of the Palestinians in Lebanon and their right to return back to their country ( Palestine) in the “Hizbollah Document” …you won’t believe the amount of cynics who came raging after him next day in the media ….it was pathetic …You won’t believe what happened when he nmentioned the right to resist the enemy ….hell broke out ….

Norman , the South is still pure …I still have contacts with some freedom fighters … their stories are so beautiful and my only source of warmth in this cold -hearted country …

Still have not got a job yet …received many promises …nothing is being realized yet …however , something might come up soon …when it happens I will tell u about it ….

The books that I told you about were confiscated by the UAE government …they claimed that they would not be released to “me” …a “potential terrorist” !!! But I am still going to work on my dream on creating a library for the public in my village whatever the price is …

Pls don’t misunderstand me Norm …I have not lost hope …I am just disappointed at people …. How difficult is it to recognize what is right and what is wrong ??? How difficult is it to acquire dignity and keep it ??? Or perhaps how naive am I ?

The Arabs are dead ….they have no history and no future …they are a bunch of savage tribes fighting each other for nothing …Look at what is happening in Yemen …It is unbelievable and monstreous …I suppose you heard what happened between Egypt and Algeria over a ball …. I am sleepless most of my nights ….I spend it reading books on philosophy …It is my only way to escape this world of hate ….

I really hope you are ok and taking care of yourself …Happy belated birthday to you and may serenity enter your soul and heart …

tc ,