Learning the Lessons of the Holocaust

November 3, 2006

In News

By Fadi Yacoub, PNN, (Bethlehem)

On Thursday the Palestine News Network spoke with source at the
American Consulate in Jerusalem who wished to remain anonymous.

The discussion regarded the US drug company that stopped selling
cancer medication to Palestinians as part of the US-led blockade
against the Hamas government. The Consulate spokesperson said that no
US-linked cancer treatments will reach Palestinians until the blockade
is lifted.

At the beginning of October the Tel Aviv based US company alleged that
it could not supply medicine to the West Bank or Gaza Strip as it
presents a risk to its employees.

The Palestinian company that imports the medication from the American
company told PNN that the end of cancer treatment drugs for
Palestinians is due to the blockade against the Hamas government. The
director of the Jerusalem-based company expressed fears on Thursday
that thousands of people will die as a result of the continuing lack
of medication. He said that a press conference is forthcoming to bring
the world’s attention to the issue.

The US-led economic and political blockade began when the Hamas party
took office a month after the elections.