JSW on J (as in junk) Street

March 21, 2015

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A while back I wrote of America’s leading liberal Zionist lobby group,

In short, although coy about explicitly saying so, J Street endorses Israel’s annexation of critical chunks of the West Bank, rejecting the international consensus two-state settlement and demanding from Palestinians even greater compromises on their legal rights.

In the wake of Israeli voters’ collective middle finger to the international community, J Street is coy no longer:

Washington should not wait for others to draft a U.N. resolution condemning the settlements. It should take the initiative, in consultation with its international partners, in drafting a resolution that lays out the detailed parameters for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The resolution should of course state unequivocally that the solution rests in an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines, with equivalent land swaps to incorporate some of the major settlement blocs within Israel. It should also reiterate Israel’s right to security. And it should state clearly and unambiguously that the settlements are illegal under international law and must stop. [my emph.]

In the same article, J Street’s Alan Elsner upbraids Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his ‘rhetorical if not actual support for a two-state solution’. Evidently, J Street knows all about that.

As Israel’s former ambassador to the US Michael Oren observes, ‘J Street’s power [is] derived from the fact that it is an extension of the Obama administration‘. And indeed, several US officials have mooted the possibility of a Security Council resolution that would displace UN 242 as the basis for resolving the conflict by endorsing Israel’s annexation of the settlement blocs.

Cheered on by liberals wanting to give Netanyahu a black eye, this would likely prove a fatal blow to the Palestinians’ decades long struggle for self-determination, undermining the viability of Palestinian statehood while denying internationally recognised Palestinian rights.