Jamie Stern-Weiner on Worms-Turned-Butterflies

June 19, 2013

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When he was president, all we heard was Ahmadinejad the Holocaust denier, Ahmadinejad the madman, Ahmadinejad the lunatic, etc.

Now that he’s gone, we get:

“Fiery rhetoric aside, Ahmadinejad also sought a strategic dialogue with the West, especially as his competition with the supreme leader prompted him to seek foreign policy wins. But the infighting that resulted from Ahmadinejad’s attempts to undermine the pro-clerical structure of the republic impeded any progress in this arena.”

“Despite radical rhetoric, Ahmadinejad did more than all his predecessors to (try to) advance rapprochement with Washington,” a source familiar with Iran-U.S. contacts told Reuters. Other Western diplomats confirmed that view, which runs counter to the standard portrayal of the Iranian president as unwilling to compromise on the nuclear program.”