"It's the most ambitious book I have ever written" Norman Finkelstein

February 29, 2012

In News

Dear Reader,

I just completed a new book on the Israel-Palestine conflict, KNOWING TOO MUCH: Why the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End

The book focuses on the break-up of American Jewish support for Israel.  Its central argument is that the mostly liberal  American Jewish community now knows too much about the historical, human rights and diplomatic record of the Israel-Palestine conflict to lend Israel blind support.

It is the most ambitious book I have ever written, covering everything from American Jewish liberalism and Jewish neoconservatives, to what really happened during the June 1967 war and the July 2000 Camp David peace summit.

Along the way, I critically examine Mearsheimer and Walt’s influential study of the Israel lobby, dissect the “pro”-Israel propaganda of  Michael Oren, Jeffrey Goldberg, Dennis Ross and Benny Morris, and—for those who like my forensic scholarship—expose a hoax on the June 1967 war published by Yale University Press and praised by leading academics.

I have endeavored to bring lots of new information to light, but also to present it in an accessible non-academic style interspersed with irony and humor.

I am confident that you will learn a lot from KNOWING TOO MUCH, and that much of what I uncovered will come as a genuine surprise to you, as it did to me while researching the book.


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