August 13, 2015

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We crossed another threshold yesterday.

We topped $70,000!

And we’ve got well over 600 supporters now.  (I pity the person who will have to affix all their names on the wall in Al-Awda hospital.)

When we started out, we all thought it was a long shot.

And there were many (too many) moments of abject despair along the way.

But the biggest dread was disappointing the people in Gaza.

When we saw the pictures of the medical staff at Al-Awda–that redemptive hybrid of dignity and humility–it was painful to contemplate that we’d raised their hopes for nothing.

But now it actually seems possible we’ll reach our goal.

The wonderful, committed and courageous Iara Lee emailed this morning, “This is going to happen!!”

Iara’s rarely wrong.

So, tell your friends, family and coworkers, now’s the time to join a special  undertaking:

To show the people of Gaza that we do care, and that we’re doing our best.



Norm, Sana, Ahmad, Maren and Jamie, and the Byline team