Israeli soldiers shooting in self-defense against Hamas terrorists

June 5, 2018

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Here’s how the NY Times described Gaza on May 14​, in which more that 60 unarmed protesters were killed and nearly 3,000 wounded (many with permanent injuries​:

Israel said no Palestinians had crossed the fence, but said it had repulsed several unsuccessful attempts by Hamas to have armed fighters slip across into Israel and wreak havoc . . . .  At least three separate squads of armed fighters “tried to use the commotion and smoke and dynamics of the riots as concealment, and then launched an attack on the fence,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces. One Israeli soldier was wounded by shrapnel from what was believed to be an explosive device, he said, and a variety of explosives were hurled at the Israelis by Palestinians. There had been “numerous shots” fired at Israeli soldiers, the army said. The attempts to breach the fence expanded from five locations in previous protests to 13, Colonel Conricus said, calling Monday’s action an “unprecedented level of violence.” ( “Killings in Gaza, New Embassy in Jerusalem, and Peace as Distant as Ever”)
Here’s a Times video of what happened on that same day.

Isn’t it plain as day that Israel soldiers only fired in self-defense?