Is Bari Bovine Weiss cribbing?

August 23, 2021

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Here is Bari Bovine Weiss on Gaza: The results of this mess, as always, are especially bad for the Palestinians who live under Hamas rule. Casualty reports are hard to verify because Hamas controls the media (even the international press) inside the Gaza Strip, but it appears that more than 50 Palestinians have been killed. Some of these people are entirely innocent non-combatants, including children. This is an unspeakable tragedy. It is also one of the unavoidable burdens of political power, of Zionism’s dream turned into the reality of self-determination. But Elsie the Moo isn’t the first to speak to the tragedy that, in order to survive as a people, innocents must perish.  Here’s an earlier version of this anguished lament: Most of you will know what it means when 100 bodies lie together, when 500 are there or when there are 1000. And . . . to have seen this through and … to have remained decent, has made us hard and is a page of glory never mentioned and never to be mentioned. Because we know how difficult things would be, if today in every city during the bomb attacks, the burdens of war and privations, we still had Jews as secret saboteurs, agitators and instigators. Click here to identify Bari Bovine’s precursor.