June 1, 2017

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Finkelstein is not the best speaker

I am appalled to learn that Norman Finkelstein will be speaking at Methodist College as part of the Belfast Book Festival this year.

Mr Finkelstein has praised Holocaust deniers and Islamic extremists in the past, has mocked survivors of the Holocaust such as Elie Wiesel and has minimised victims of terrorism in the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

I find it curious that the council and festival organisers found it appropriate to incorporate such a bombastic speaker in the festivities.

The world is vast, and there are many ‘middle road’ specialists on the Middle East. There are thousands of people that work to bring Jews and Arabs together in the hopes of finding a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. Mr Finkelstein is not one of these peacemakers.

The description of his event adds insult to injury. The writers praise him as if he is a renowned thinker.

It will be a sad day in Belfast when that man is allowed to speak, for his views will only pollute the minds of the audience.

Perhaps next year the organisers can invite a real visionary, fuelled by peace and good will.

Harold Ohayon, Belfast