In Memoriam

May 30, 2012

In News

Dear Dr Finkelstein,

I am sorry to inform you that Bassel Shehade, the young Syrian filmmaker who interviewed you few months ago was killed in Homs today Monday, 28th of May.

Bassel was injured by a missile. During the last few months after his return to Syria, he’d been travelling to Homs to help the displaced and affected people. He was also teaching the protestors on how to edit their movies and shots.
Attached is a very disturbing video for his body that shows his injuries after his death (It is hard to watch).

I am a friend of him from Damascus, also studying in the US with the Fulbright program, but I was not as brave as Bassel in taking the decision to stop my studies and go back to Syria. However, I will be finishing my master’s next August and go back to help keeping Bassel’s non-violence message.

We have lost a great person who definitely deserved to live because he loves live and enjoys it to the max. I hope that you felt his powers and abilities, and that he kept you with a good expression about himself.
Thanks for the chance that you gave him by meeting you. He contacted me after each interview and he was so happy and excited to talk with each one of you who appears in the film. Here is a link for the documentary in its final production: