July 13, 2014

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53 Palestinians Killed on Saturday as Israel Drops Bombs at Rate of One Every Five Minutes

author Sunday July 13, 2014 02:37author by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News Report post

Palestinian medical sources have reported that 53 Palestinians have been killed on the fifth day of Israel’s aggression on the Gaza Strip. The dead include an entire extended family of 18 people in Khan Younis, including two ten-year olds, a 12-year old, a 13-year old and a 16-year old. Dozens of Palestinians have been injured as Israeli missiles continues to strike homes and civilian areas


The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that the Israeli army fired a missile and several shells into a home belonging to the al-Batsh family, a building belonging to the al-Haddad family, and also fired missiles at Palestinians leaving two mosques in Khan Younis, leaving 17 Palestinians dead and their bodies were severely mutilated, while more than 40 were injured, some seriously. 

The Ministry Of Health in Gaza said the 18 slain Palestinians, including children, are all members of the al-Batsh family. 

1. Nahedh Na’im al-Batsh, 41, Khan Younis.
2. Baha’ Majed al-Batsh, 28, Khan Younis.
3. Qusai Issam al-Batsh, 12, Khan Younis.
4. Aziza Yousef al-Batsh, 59, Khan Younis.
5. Ahmad No’man al-Batsh, 27, Khan Younis.
6. Mohammad Issam al-Batsh, 17, Khan Younis.
7. Yahia ‘Ala’ Al-Batsh, 18, Khan Younis.
8. Jalal Majed al-Batsh, 26, Khan Younis.
9. Mahmoud Majed al-Batsh, 22, Khan Younis
10. Majed Sobhi al-Batsh, Khan Younis.
11. Marwa Majed al-Batsh, 25, Khan Younis.
12. Khaled Majed al-Batsh, 20, Khan Younis.
13. Ibrahim Majed al-Batsh, 18, Khan Younis.
14. Manar Majed al-Batsh, 13, Khan Younis.
15. Amal Hussein al-Batsh, 10, Khan Younis.
16. Anas Ala’ al-Batsh, 10, Khan Younis.
17. Qusai Ala’ al-Batsh, 20, Khan Younis.
18. Zakariyya Ala’ al-Natsh, 20, Khan Younis.

Also, a Palestinian was killed by an Israeli missile targeted a number of Palestinians, in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Israeli missiles in Rafah also killed two More Palestinians, and at least three have been injured. 

19. Mohannad Yousef Dheir, 23, Rafah.
20. Mohammad Zo’rob, 21, Rafah.
21. Imad Bassam Zo’rob, 21, Rafah. 

Also, one Palestinian was killed in an Israeli shelling targeted Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. He has been identified as;

22. Mohannad Yousef Dheir, 23, Rafah.

Six more Palestinians were killed while sitting in front of a Palestinian home in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, in Gaza City. They have been identified as:

23. Rateb Sobhy as-Saify, 22, Gaza.
24. ‘Azmi Mahmoud ‘Obeid, 51, Gaza.
25. Nidal Mohammad al-Malsh, 22, Gaza.
26. Suleiman Sa’id ‘Obeid, 56, Gaza.
27. Ghassan Ahmad al-Masry, 25, Gaza.
28. Mustafa Mohammad ‘Enaya, 58, Gaza. 

Israeli missiles targeting Palestinians in the Saftawty area, north of Gaza City, also killed another Palestinian, he has been identified as:

29. Ri’fat Yousef ‘Amer, 36, Gaza.

Three Palestinians, including child, were killed, while a man and his child were injured, when the Israeli Air Force fired a missile into the Nazzaz neighborhood, east of Gaza City. 

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

30. Mustafa ‘Arif, 26, Gaza.
31. Mohammad Ghazi ‘Arif, 35, Gaza. 
32. Amir ‘Arif, 10.

In addition, two Palestinians were also killed when an Israeli drone fired a missile into the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza city, while three Palestinians, including a child, have been injured. The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

33. Ahmad Yousef Dalloul, 57, Gaza.
34. Fadi Ya’coub Sukkar, 25, Gaza.

A Palestinian teen has also been killed, and many Palestinians, including children, have been injured when the army fired missiles into Khan Younis, in southern Gaza. He was been identified as:

35. Qassem Jaber Odah, 16, Khan Younis.

A young woman has been killed, and many of her family were wounded, when an Israeli missile struck a home in the Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza. She has been identified as:

36. Khalwa al-Hawajra, 24. 

A young man has also been killed, and at least one has been injured, by an Israeli missile striking Sha’sha’a area, east of Jabalia town, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. 
He has been identified as:

37. Mohammad Abdullah Sharatha, 23, Jabalia.

Furthermore, two physically disabled women have been killed when the Israeli army bombarded the Mabarra Association for the Disabled in Jabalia, in northern Gaza. At least three have been injured. 

38. ‘Ola Wishahi, 31, Jabalia.
39. Suha Abu Sa’da, 42, Jabalia.

Palestinians Killed In Earlier Attacks Saturday:
40. Anas Yousef Qandil, 17, Jabalia.
41. Yousef Mohammad Qandil, 47, Jabalia.
42. Mohammad Edrees Abu Sneina, 20, Jabalia.
43. Abdul-Rahman Saleh al-Khatib, 38, Jabalia.
44. Husam Thieb ar-Razayna, 38, Jabalia.
45. Ibrahim Nabil Hamada, Gaza City.
46. Hasan Ahmad Abu Ghush, Gaza City.
47. Ahmad Mazen al-Bal’awy, Gaza City.
48. Ali Nabil Basal, 32, Gaza City.
49. Hamada al-Halaby, 28, Gaza City.
50. Mohammad Sweity Abu ‘Askar, 20, Gaza City. 
51. Rif’at Yousef ‘Amer, 36, Gaza City.
52. Rif’at Syouti, Gaza City, 
53. Mohamamd Bassem al-Halaby, 28, Gaza City.

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Over 20 Killed in Continuing Airstrikes 
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 22:37:02 
Chris Carlson, IMEMC News 

Over 20 Palestinians have been killed since midnight, during the ongoing Israeli airstrikes over the Gaza Strip, raising the total deaths to more than 130, according to media and medical sources. Major clashes have broken out, all across the West Bank, between protesting Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers. 

The latest airstrike is reported to have killed: 

1. Khawla al-Hawajri, 24, Nuseirat refugee camp.
Another killed: 

2. Ghazi Arif, eastern Gaza City.
Three others were reported injured. 

According to Ma’an News Agency, six Palestinians before this were killed and several others were injured in an airstrike over the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, in northern Gaza City, a Ministry of Health spokesman said. 

He identified them as: 

3. Rateb Subhi al-Saifi, 22
4. Azmi Mahmoud Obeid, 51 
5. Nidal Muhammad Abu al-Malsh, 22
6. Suleiman Said Obeid, 56
7. Mustafa Muhammad Inaya, 58
8. Ghassan Ahmad al-Masri, 25, al-Rimal

The Ministry of Health added that at least 127 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the offensive, and nearly 1,000 injured. 

Also Saturday, another Palestinian died of wounds sustained in an earlier airstrike in the al-Saftawi area in northern Gaza:

9. Rifaat Youssef Amer 

Earlier Saturday, in addition to Nabil Basal and Muhammad al-Halabi, another Palestinian fighter affiliated to al-Mujahidin Brigades was killed in western Gaza City. He has been identified as:

10. Rifat Siyouti

Earlier, Ma’an reports, Israeli warplanes fired a missile at another charitable organization near Kamal Udwan Hospital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip. In a hospital bed in Shifa hospital, twenty-year-old Sally Saqr lies with injuries so sever she requires a ventilation tube to breathe.

Two of her fellow residents, at a care home for Palestinians with special needs, were killed in a rocket attack on the building:

11. Ola Washahi. 30 
12. Suha Abu Saada, 47

According to Ma’an, the two women’s body parts were still being pulled from the rubble hours following the attack, causing confusion over whether another person had been killed.

In the southern Gaza Strip, planes bombed the main branch of the Islamic National Bank in Khan Younis, as well as a charitable society.

Additionally, a Palestinian house in the Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah, was bombarded in the southern Gaza Strip injuring four members of the Timraz family. 

Another air raid was reported in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, where a house belonging to the Zuweidi family was damaged. 

Earlier Saturday, in Martyr Anwar Aziz Square, in the center of Jabaliya refugee camp, an Israeli airstrike killed four Palestinian men in the northern Gaza Strip. Medical sources identified the victims as:

Yousif Qandil, Muhammad al-Khatib, Muhammad Sweilim and Husam al-Razabnah. 

In addition to the homes of the Ghannam family, those of the Natat family were reported destroyed in Rafah, as well as one belonging to senior Hamas leader Yahya al-Sinwar, in the Nuseirat refugee camp.

Israeli warplanes also destroyed the al-Farouq Mosque in the camp, according to Ma’an.