From Al Awda Hospital

September 7, 2015

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“We Hear You” campaign succeeds to collect funds around 108,550 USD to Al Awda Hospital

The Campaign ” We Hear You” that was launched by Dr. Norman Finkelstein two months ago with collaboration with Byline, succeeded to raise funds equal to 108,550 USD to Al Awda hospital – largest facility to Union of Health Work Committees(UHWC) in the north of Gaza Strip.

This campaign was supported by 1031 supporter around the world, and the  name lists will later on appear on the byline.

It’s worthy to mention that the collected amount of money will go to develop and support Al Awda Hospital in the northern area of Gaza Strip, and Dr. Finkelstein will be committed to write to Byline fortnightly  for a year, on the betrayal of human rights organizations, and he exposed  Amnesty International’s apologetics for Israel in its recent reports on Gaza.

From UHWC side, UHWC Board of Directors and the Executive Management represented by  UHWC Executive Director  / Dr. Tayseer Al Sultan on behalf of himself and UHWC employees , thanked Dr. Finkelstein for his tremendous efforts to support Al Awda Hospital, and  he ensured on the importance of cooperation and collaboration to support and help the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip, especially securing and providing quality comprehensive health services to them in light of the difficult situation they are living in.