October 26, 2016

In Blog Letters To Finkelstein News

Dear Dr. Finkelstein,

Like many Americans I was shocked, shocked to find the Russian were trying influence the outcome of our election.  I have a solution I wanted to share.  We should go seek advice from some of our friends in the O.A.S..  I understand that some of these countries to our south may have experience with foreign governments trying to subvert their democratic processes.  we could send some of our elder statesmen to our southern neighbors in this effort.  For instance, We could send Kissinger to Chile to express our outrage that a foreign government has the temerity to subvert the democratic will of America.  Would there be a dry eye in Santiago? Bill Clinton could head to Haiti, not that they could help much diplomatically but even a sympathetic shoulder to cry on would be enough for our nation to begin healing. George W. Bush could go to Venezuela, Colin Powell could go to the barrios of Panama.  Hillary’s well known respect for the democratic process would make her the perfect emissary to Honduras.  Did she work less than an 80 hour week helping the fragile democracy in Egypt to blossom during the Arab spring?  I doubt it.  But this is just who we are.  I’m no expert in American history but I can only imagine the betrayal Ike must have felt when Ho Chi Mihn pulled out of the elections Ike fought so hard for in the U.N.. Anyway thanks for listening I know you must be as upset as me. Take care and God Bless
Jimmy Ross