French Secular Wahabis Gone Bonkers (from a correspondent)

February 19, 2021

In Letters To Finkelstein

The picture above is a French antisemite newspaper of 1940, with the big title “Let’s rid universities of the judeo-masonic grip”. The picture below is Le Figaro, main mainstream newspaper of the right, last week, heading “How Islamo-Leftism is gangrening universities”. The picture they chose is the university where I teach (are they coming for me yet?).
Our Ministry of Higher Education asked officially for an investigation into “Islamo-Leftism” in Universties.
Our Ministry of Education and Deputy Interior Minister asked for an investigation into Middle School girls who don’t go to the swimming pool for fake medical reasons in order not to get undressed in front of boys.
Our Ministry of Education denounced live on tv, as a proof of “separatism” in schools, those pupils who “don’t want to sit on red chairs because it’s the color of the devil”.
Our Ministry of Interior, the rapist, said to extreme-right wing Marine Le Pen, on a debate live on TV, that she was “too soft on Islam”. She had to reply that she never described Islam as a problem, most Muslims being fellow citizens without problems, but Islamism (it’s just a play on words, but still).
All this while hundreds of people die every day of Covid, unemployment skyhigh, students going hungry (no more part-time jobs), etc.
I always have to check for the original video before believing such things. It’s actually so preposterous it’s more funny than outrageous.