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June 2, 2010

In Letters To Finkelstein

Mr Finkelstein,

As a soldier who served in Iraq, winning there a medal for valor, as a Jew, and as a person who grew up in Tel Aviv, I have to say that you are dangerous, dishonest, and your opinions border on treason.
I can’t believe that a Jew would have your opinions.  The flotilla, which I can show you some videos below, was clearly aggressive.  This was a political ploy.  They had an 18 months old baby, who they wanted dead (they didn’t get the full media impact).  Why else would someone bring a BABY to this…oh and of course press from Al Jazeerah.  I have the actual video of the soldiers being attacked and as a soldier the correct response would be to shoot.  
Truthfully, the correct response when the boat refused to turn around would be to simply sink it.  This is a mlitary blockade and am tired of hearing about proportionality.  Its nonsense.  The blockade is in place not to block aid (because if you are being honest, or even have a slight grip of the facts you know that aid flows freely from Israel, at Israel’s expense) but to prevent arms from coming in.  Personal friends have been on raids of boats and have captured arms. Arms that are then launched without discrimination at Israeli civilians. 
How could you have such a distorted view of things? Gaza massacre you say? A response that followed years of patience on the part of Israel?  I wonder if I attacked your family day in and day out, would you show such restraint? I should hope note.  Warning civilians before they engage? who does that? 
They should have a standing policy for counter-battery fire to launch automatically at the source of any rocket launch regardless of its proximity to civilians.  Only then would the ‘civilians’ be engaged in helping prevent violence rather then participating if not simply standing by while Palestinians launch attacks at civilians.  
You are a disgusting creature who blatantly distorts the facts.  Here is a video for you to consider your vile and dishonest comments.  Either you are ill-informed, or simply a liar.