Foxman enraged after Joan Rivers tells Oscar audience–"If Hitler had killed Foxman, humanity would have been diminished by 26,562 Jewish chins"

March 3, 2013

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Joan Rivers Gets Anti-Defamation League All Hot and Bothered Over Holocaust Joke

Joan Rivers went on Letterman this week and made fun of Adele for being fat.

Surprisingly, that didn’t get her in near as much trouble as a compliment she gave Heidi Klum earlier in the week.

“The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens,” Rivers said on Monday’s Oscars-themed episode of Fashion Police.

It took two whole days, but the remark finally made its way to Anti-Defamation League director Abe Foxman, who issued a statement calling Joan’s joke “so vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans, that we cannot believe it made it to the airwaves.”

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