Finkelstein says: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

September 8, 2017


A thousand thanks to everyone who wrote me and called the jailhouse.


I had to spend the night in jail but I am out now.


One thing I’ve discovered is, No matter how many times you’ve gone to jail, you never get used to it.


It’s not the tight handcuffs or the cold jailhouse floor.


It’s the humiliation and degradation as prison guards treat you like worthless trash.


“Turn around,” “Bend over,” “Spread your legs,” “Shut the fuck up.”


The American system of justice says, You’re innocent until proven guilty.


But when you view the world from the bottom up, it’s just the opposite:


From the moment of arrest, you’re treated as if you are guilty until proven innocent.


If you’re innocent until proven guilty, why are you locked up in a disgusting jail cell often for more than a day before you even get to see a Judge?


As for me, A luta continua (The struggle continues). 


I won’t abandon my former student and close friend, Dr Baldeo.


He fell prey to a couple of creepy Long Island matrimonial lawyers (Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger), who ​frame and blackmail successful Muslim immigrants.


Right now there is a Court Order against me, so a long prison sentence looms.


But if I betray him in his hour of need, I will betray everything I have stood for in my life.


Say a little prayer for Dr Baldeo and me.