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July 8, 2011

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I am a citizen of Iraq, I heard the New American Century project,

Palestinian suffering

from Israel

and seen it once and I saw a lot of documentary films has

But I have to answer questions in need and controversial: –

1 – As the U.S. administration and Mahavdin they wanted to control the world and the occupation of Iraq in particular to have the energy and oil wealth, and constitutes the main danger to Israel Do you know that Iraq is a tough guys have a strong powerful than a nuclear bomb, a force of Almighty God that the Iraqi people do not give up easily

2 – Do you know how strong the U.S. administration of President Saddam Hussein and his mentality towards the political

3 – since the occupation of Iraq in 2003 ouster of President Saddam Hussein and the spread of democracy, but got the opposite of mass destruction killing

4 – America, Governors and Rto themselves in the quagmire of Iraq, the resistance of P Bamajadahdin whom they have defeated the terrorists, the U.S. military and defeat the evil Qaibdoh millions of human and material losses.

5 – This is a summary task that the military jihadist resistor, which conquer America from 2003 to 2011 and so far is the army of men Naqshbandi’s Baath Party High Command for Jihad and Liberation

6 – There is an important point that Saddam Hussein is a very strong and has a mind not carried by a man in the world until Hitler and he is still alive and not dead and was able to defeat all foreign forces and Western anti-Islamic and that the end of America and Asiraiiel is imminent and Legislators, the U.S. knows it well

Could you please send the answer, or comment on the points of the 6