May 30, 2015

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May 29, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Egyptians Abroad for Democracy Worldwide, Gandhi’s Be Magazine, Gandhi Global Center for Peace, and Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights, and Center for Egyptian American Relations share the attached letter regarding the urgent situation developing in Egypt since the military coup under the regime leader el-Sisi and the escalating human rights violations that have occurred since the fourth anniversary of the January 25th Revolution on this past January 25, 2015.

Most recently, six Egyptian citizens were imprisoned and executed for participation in an event they did not even attend. This gross human rights abuse is just one example of the deteriorating situation in Egypt.

We urge you to read this important letter attached and consider the statement and signatures from political leaders and human rights organizations from around the world asking you to carefully consider the consequences of continued support for the regime of el-Sisi and the ramifications for the citizens of Egypt and across the Middle East.


Mohamed Ahmed Ismail

Co-Founder, Egyptians Abroad for Democracy Worldwide

Missy Crutchfield

Editor-in-Chief, Gandhi’s Be Magazine & Gandhi Global Center for Peace

Melissa Turner

Executive Editor, Gandhi’s Be Magazine

Dr. Amin Mahmoud

Center for Egyptian American Relations

Akram Elzend

Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights


Message PDF on 6 people execution, May 28, 2015